2023 Chaitra Masa Amavasya Date and Pooja Timings Tithi Details

See below for the 2023 Chaitra Masa Amavasya Date and Pooja Timings Tithi Details, Chaitra Amavasya Pooja Paddathi, and Pooja details here.

Chaitra masam is the first month in the Indian Telugu Calendar. Ugadi festival, Sri Ramanavami and Chaitra Gowri Pooja all these comes in this Chaitra masam. Chaitra Pournami and Chaitra Amavasya are the most auspicious days of the month. The first nine days of the month are popularly known as Chaitra Navaratri or Vasantha Navaratri days.

In this Chaitra Masam, Offering Vada Pappu, Panakam, Majjiga (Butter Milk), and Chalimidi to god in Pooja. Doing Lord Sri Rama Pooja, and Sri Gowri Devi pooja are the most widely celebrated pujas this Month. In this Vasantha Navaratri, all of Sri Rama Temple is decorated beautifully with flowers and Lighting. Doing Special pooja and Ramanavami Utsavam in all Rama Temples is done this month.

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2023 Chaitra Masa Amavasya Date and Pooja Timing Tithi Details

This year, Chaitra Masa Amavasya falls on the day Tuesday and the date is 21st March.

Normally, Amavasya comes in Krishna Paksha of the Month. Chaitra Amavasya is the Last day of the Chaitra masam or Chatra Month. Doing the Shradda karma, Pitru tarpanam to forefathers are the most important rituals on this day.

Chaitra Amavasya is an important day for ancestors who died in our family. Giving tarpanam, and doing shraddha (Taddinam or Yearly Death Rituals) to our ancestors who passed away in our family gives good results in life. Doing go puja, and offering the grass to cows are the most important things on this Chaitra Amavasya day. Doing Annadanam (distributing food to poor people) gives very good results and uttama punya loka (Heaven) to ancestors.

  • Waking up early in the morning and taking a bath in the house. If possible take a sacred bath in near Lake, river, or pond.
  • Do Nithya Anusthana Like Sandhya Vandana, Surya Namaskara, and Deva Pooja
  • After deva pooja, Start Pitru Tarpanam with the sacred holy water to your forefathers.
  • Offer the Bhojana (Food) to Brahmana after Pitru Tarpan or Shradh.
  • Do Go puja and donate green grass or food to cow
  • Do Annadanam to poor people and also if possible donate clothes and their needs.



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