2023 TTD Tirumala Teppotsavam Dates And Timings Online Booking

See below for the 2023 TTD Tirumala Teppotsavam Dates And Timings Online Booking, Tirumala Srivari Varshika Teppotsavam, Tirumala Teppotsavam Tickets Online Booking Here.

One of the most well-known boat festivals is Tirumala Tirupati Teppotsavam, also known as the float festival, and it takes place at the Swamy Pushkarini near Sri Varaha Swamy Temple in Tirumala. As per TTD Schedule, Every year Tirumala Teppotsavam (Float Festival) falls on the month of Phalguna Masam, which Means mid of Feb and March. This Float Festival is really beautiful and celebrated as 05 days Event in Tirumala. The Teppotsavam is a stunning exhibition of culture, religion, tradition, and devotee devotion that takes place in the midst of chants praising Lord Venkateswara.

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2023 TTD Tirumala Teppotsavam Dates And Timings Online Booking

  • The festival will be conducted from 03 March to 07 March 2023 at the Tirumala Venkateswara Temple in Andhra Pradesh.
  • Participants in this floating festival who purchased Arjita seva tickets will have access to the Lord’s darshan after the event.
  • TTD Provides an online ticket booking facility through TTD’s Official Website.
  • Every year thousands of devotees participate in this wonderful Event.
  • TTD Provides Special Darshan Facility for the Teppotsavam Seva Devotees.
  • The ticket Price Would Be around Rs 500 for each Person. Darshan and 01 Laddu Prasadam will be given by the Seva Ticket.

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Tirumala Teppotsavam Rituals and Celebrations:

Different floats are carried to the Srivari Pushkarini, the sacred tank, on each day leading up to the big finale. Because they were created specifically to be transported outside the sanctum, the idols of the deities are known as Utsav Murtis. The streets known as the “mada” are used to transport the idols around the temple complex’s main structure.

The Murtis are transported out to the Vasantha Mandapam in the middle of the tank after making a full circle around it on floats that are colorfully decorated. This Mandapam, which has four pillars and was constructed in the Pushkarini, is where special prayers are offered.

  1. On the first day of Ekadasi, a decorated float carrying Lord Rama, Lady Sita, Lord Lakshmana, and Lord Hanuman is brought out to the tank. Onlookers are treated to serene chants of the Holy Scriptures and music from local musicians as the procession completes three circuits around the Mada streets.
  2. On the second day, Lord Krishna and his wife Lady Rukmini are transported to the tank by Dvadasi, another manifestation of Lord Vishnu. The spectacle is extremely mesmerizing to witness as the invocations ask the Lords to grant the devotees mercy and prosperity. The deities are brought to the pond after three rounds of the procession.
  3. The presiding deity of Tirumala, Sri Malayappa Swami, and his consorts Lady Sridevi and Lady Bhudevi are carried to the Srivari Pushkarini on Trayodashi, Chaturdashi, and Pournami, the third, fourth, and final days, respectively. On the third, fourth, and fifth days of the Teppotsavam, respectively, three, five, and seven shots are fired.

The deities are taken on numerous tours of the temple complex as the days go on. To the delight of the devotees, the floats are paraded seven times on the last day, Pournami. Special prayers and ceremonies are performed in the tank as the full moon shines beautifully on the onlookers. Spectacularly decked with lights, colors, scented flowers, and streamers. You’re sure to be mesmerized by the magnificent display.


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