2024 Kutralanathar Temple Kutralam Shivaratri Special Pooja Timings

See below for the 2024 Kutralanathar Temple Kutralam Shivaratri Special Pooja Timings, How to Celebrate, Festival Significance, Step by step guide, in detail.

2024 Kutralanathar Temple Kutralam Shivaratri Special Pooja

Kutralanathar Temple, nestled in the serene town of Kutralam, also known as Courtallam, is a revered Shiva temple that attracts devotees from various parts of the country, especially during the auspicious occasion of Maha Shivaratri. In 2024, the temple is set to host special poojas, embracing devotees with an opportunity to witness and participate in divine rituals dedicated to Lord Shiva. This guide provides comprehensive information on the 2024 Kutralanathar Temple Kutralam Shivaratri Special Pooja Timings, darshan timings, ticket bookings, and much more, ensuring a spiritually fulfilling journey to the temple.

2024 Kutralanathar Temple Kutralam Shivaratri Special Pooja Timings

The Maha Shivaratri special pooja at Kutralanathar Temple is a night-long event characterized by grandeur and devotional fervor. The poojas commence in the evening and continue until the early hours of the following day. Devotees can expect the special poojas to start around 6 PM, with major rituals like the ‘Maha Rudra Abhishekam’ and ‘Lingodbhava Darshanam’ occurring at midnight, symbolizing the auspicious time when Lord Shiva is believed to have appeared in the form of a Linga.

Darshan Timings

During Maha Shivaratri, the temple extends its darshan timings to accommodate the influx of devotees. The temple doors open early in the morning and remain accessible till late at night. However, it’s essential to note that darshan timings might be subject to change based on the special pooja schedules. Devotees are advised to arrive early to partake in the divine experience without haste.

Tickets Online Booking

For the convenience of devotees, the Kutralanathar Temple administration offers online booking services for pooja tickets and special darshan passes. To book your tickets online, visit the official temple website or authorized religious tour portals. Early booking is recommended to ensure a hassle-free darshan experience, especially given the expected surge in devotees during Shivaratri.

Offline Booking

Devotees preferring to book their tickets offline can do so at the temple premises. The ticket counter is usually set up a few days before Maha Shivaratri, catering to various poojas and darshan slots. While offline booking is straightforward, it’s advisable to reach the counter well in advance due to the potential for long queues.

How to Reach the Temple

Kutralanathar Temple in Kutralam is well-connected by road and rail. The nearest railway station is Tenkasi, approximately 5 kilometers from the temple. From there, local taxis, auto-rickshaws, and buses are readily available to take you to Kutralam. For those traveling by air, the closest airport is in Tuticorin, around 110 kilometers away, from where you can hire a cab or take a bus to reach the temple.

Step by Step Guide

  1. Plan Your Visit: Decide on the date and time of your visit, considering the special pooja and darshan timings.
  2. Book Your Tickets: Choose between online and offline booking based on your convenience and book your pooja and darshan tickets.
  3. Travel Arrangements: Make your travel arrangements in advance, keeping in mind the nearest railway station and airport.
  4. Arrive Early: To avoid the rush and ensure a smooth darshan experience, try to reach the temple early.
  5. Follow Temple Etiquette: Dress modestly and adhere to the temple’s rules and regulations during your visit.


  • Q: Can I participate in the special poojas?
    • A: Yes, devotees can participate in special poojas by purchasing the relevant tickets either online or offline.
  • Q: Are there facilities for accommodation near the temple?
    • A: Yes, Kutralam offers a range of accommodation options, from budget lodges to luxury resorts, catering to the needs of devotees.
  • Q: Is there a dress code for entering the temple?
    • A: Devotees are advised to dress modestly, in traditional attire, respecting the sanctity of the temple.
  • Q: Can I perform any offerings or rituals on behalf of someone else?
    • A: Yes, devotees can perform poojas and rituals on behalf of others. It’s advisable to mention the details while booking the tickets.
  • Q: Are there any eateries near the temple?
    • A: The vicinity of the temple is dotted with numerous eateries offering local and vegetarian cuisines, catering to the preferences of pilgrims.


The Kutralanathar Temple’s Maha Shivaratri celebration in 2024 promises to be a spiritually uplifting event, offering devotees a chance to immerse themselves in divine worship and receive blessings from Lord Shiva. By following the guidelines provided in this guide, pilgrims can ensure a fulfilling and hassle-free visit to this sacred temple, making their Shivaratri experience truly memorable. This is the brief information about the 2024 Kutralanathar Temple Kutralam Shivaratri Special Pooja Timings in detail.

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