2024 Narasimha Jayanti Date Puja Timings at Home

See below for the 2024 Narasimha Jayanti Date Puja Timings at Home, How to do Narasimha Jayanti Puja at Home, Pooja Items List, Procedure, and More.

The Complete Details about the Narasimha Jayanti Date Puja Information

Narasimha Jayanti marks the auspicious day when Lord Vishnu incarnated as Narasimha, a half-lion and half-man, to restore dharma and eliminate evil. It is a day of great religious significance for Hindus worldwide, celebrated with devotion and fervor. In 2024, Narasimha Jayanti offers devotees a chance to pay homage to Lord Narasimha for protection against adversities and to seek blessings for strength, success, and prosperity. See below for the more information about the 2024 Narasimha Jayanti Date Puja Timings at Home in detail.

2024 Narasimha Jayanti Date Puja Timings at Home

Narasimha Jayanti in 2024 is observed on a specific date during the Vaisakha month of the Hindu calendar, which usually falls in April or May of the Gregorian calendar. The exact date and puja timings are determined based on the lunar cycle, specifically the Chaturdashi Tithi (fourteenth day) during the Shukla Paksha (waxing phase of the moon). Devotees should consult the Hindu almanac or local priests for the precise timing to perform the puja rituals, as these can vary by geographic location.

How to do Narasimha Jayanti Puja at Home

Performing Narasimha Jayanti Puja at home allows devotees to connect personally with divine energy, seeking Lord Narasimha’s blessings. Here’s a step-by-step guide to conducting the puja at home:

Pooja Items List

To perform the Narasimha Jayanti Puja, you will need:

  • An idol or picture of Lord Narasimha and Goddess Lakshmi
  • A clean, sanctified altar
  • Incense sticks and a lamp (Deepam)
  • Sandalwood paste (Chandan)
  • Flowers and Tulsi leaves
  • Fruits and sweets as offerings (Prasad)
  • Camphor for Aarti
  • Water in a copper vessel for purification
  • Akshatas (rice grains mixed with turmeric)
  • Betel leaves and nuts


  1. Preparation: Begin by cleaning the puja area and setting up the altar. Place the idol or picture of Lord Narasimha and Goddess Lakshmi on it. Ensure you and your family members take a bath and wear clean clothes before starting the puja.

  2. Invocation (Avahanam): Light the lamp and incense sticks to purify the surroundings. Invoke Lord Narasimha’s presence by chanting the dedicated mantras or simply praying with devotion.

  3. Offerings (Naivedyam): Offer sandalwood paste, flowers, and Tulsi leaves to the deity. Next, present the fruits, sweets, betel leaves, and nuts. These offerings are a sign of respect, love, and devotion towards the deity.

  4. Aarti: Perform the Aarti for Lord Narasimha using camphor. This ritual signifies the removal of darkness (ignorance) and the importance of knowledge and goodness.

  5. Prayers and Mantras: Recite the Narasimha Kavacham, a powerful mantra for protection, or any other mantras dedicated to Lord Narasimha. You may also read stories of Lord Narasimha’s appearance from sacred texts to imbibe his teachings and virtues.

  6. Concluding the Puja: Conclude the puja by seeking forgiveness for any mistakes made during the rituals and expressing gratitude to Lord Narasimha for his blessings. Distribute the Prasad among family members and partake of it as well.

Step-by-Step Guide

This step-by-step guide simplifies the puja process, making it accessible even to those new to the ritual. Remember, the intention and devotion behind the puja are more important than perfection in execution.


Q: Can Narasimha Jayanti Puja be performed without an idol?
A: Yes, if you don’t have an idol, you can perform the puja with a picture of Lord Narasimha. The devotion and faith in your heart are what truly matter.

Q: Is vegetarian food compulsory on Narasimha Jayanti?
A: Yes, it is advisable to consume only vegetarian food and observe fasting till dusk before partaking of the Prasad offered to Lord Narasimha.

Q: Can women perform Narasimha Jayanti Puja?
A: Absolutely. Narasimha Jayanti Puja can be performed by anyone regardless of gender, with pure devotion and sincerity.


Narasimha Jayanti is not merely about performing a ritual; it’s a profound spiritual experience that embodies devotion, protection, and the triumph of good over evil. By observing this auspicious day with sincerity and faith, devotees can draw upon Lord Narasimha’s immense strength and courage to face life’s challenges. May the divine grace of Lord Narasimha bless every devotee with peace, prosperity, and happiness.

Remember, the essence of Narasimha Jayanti lies in the purity of intention and the depth of devotion. Whether you follow the rituals meticulously or adapt them according to your circumstances, what ultimately matters is your heartfelt devotion to Lord Narasimha. This is the brief information about the 2024 Narasimha Jayanti Date Puja Timings at Home in detail.

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