2024 Simhachalam Nijaroopa Darshanam VIP Tickets Online Booking

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Simhachalam Chandanotsavam 2024: A Divine Experience Awaits

In the spiritual tapestry of India, where festivals paint the essence of devotion and tradition, Simhachalam Chandanotsavam holds a special place. This revered event, celebrated at the Simhachalam Temple dedicated to Lord Narasimha, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, stands out for its unique rituals and deep spiritual significance.

The year 2024 marks another auspicious occasion for devotees to partake in the Chandanotsavam, seeking blessings and witnessing the divine in its most natural form. This comprehensive guide aims to enlighten you about the 2024 Simhachalam Nijaroopa darshanam VIP Tickets Online Booking and offline booking, darshan timings, dress code, and provides a step-by-step guide along with answers to frequently asked questions.

2024 Simhachalam Nijaroopa Darshanam VIP Tickets Online Booking

The Chandanotsavam is traditionally observed on the Akshaya Tritiya day, which falls on the third day of the bright half of the lunar month of Vaishakha. In 2024, this falls in late April to early May, closely aligning with the local agricultural and lunar calendars. The exact date can vary slightly based on lunar observations, so devotees are advised to confirm closer to the period. This year the Nijaroopa Darshanam falls on 10th May 2024.

Nijaroopa Darshanam

One of the most awaited aspects of the Chandanotsavam is the Nijaroopa Darshanam, where the deity Lord Narasimha is seen without its usual sandalwood paste covering. This rare darshan happens only once a year during Chandanotsavam, offering a unique opportunity for devotees to witness the lord’s actual form, believed to be immensely auspicious and powerful.

VIP Tickets Online Booking

For those looking to enhance their pilgrimage experience, VIP tickets for Nijaroopa darshanam are available. These tickets can be booked online through the official temple website or other designated platforms. Online booking usually opens up a few weeks before the event and provides various options catering to different needs and preferences, including special darshans and poojas.

Offline Booking

Devotees preferring or needing to book their tickets offline can do so at the temple premises. The temple authorities set up dedicated counters for Chandanotsavam ticket booking. Due to the high demand, it’s advisable to reach the temple well in advance to secure your spot.

Darshan Timings

The darshan timings for Chandanotsavam start early in the morning and go on till late evening. However, the Nijaroopa Darshanam has specific timings, usually in the early hours, to accommodate the rituals performed on the deity. It’s important to note that these timings can be subject to change, and verifying them a day prior can ensure a smooth pilgrimage experience.

Dress Code

In line with the sanctity of the event and location, there is a dress code for devotees attending the Chandanotsavam. Men are encouraged to wear traditional dhotis or pajamas with a cloth top or kurta, while women should adorn sarees, half-sarees, or churidars. Western attire is generally discouraged to maintain the decorum and respect towards the deity and the centuries-old traditions.

Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Check the Date: Confirm the exact date of Chandanotsavam 2024 and plan your visit accordingly.
  2. Book Your Ticket: Decide whether you’ll book online or offline. For online bookings, visit the official site, and for offline, plan to arrive early at the temple.
  3. Plan Your Journey: Simhachalam Temple is located near Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. Arrange your travel to reach a day before the event.
  4. Follow the Dress Code: Ensure you’re dressed as per the temple’s guidelines to avoid any inconvenience.
  5. Arrive Early: On the day of Chandanotsavam, it’s wise to reach the temple early to soak in the divine atmosphere and participate fully in the festivities.
  6. Participate Respectfully: Engage in the darshan and rituals with a quiet mind and respectful demeanor, making the most of this spiritual opportunity.


Q1. Can non-Hindus attend Chandanotsavam? Yes, people from all faiths are welcome to witness the festivities outside the main temple sanctum. However, entry into the sanctum for Nijaroopa Darshanam is restricted to Hindus, as per traditional practice.

Q2. Is photography allowed inside the temple? Photography inside the temple, especially of the deity, is generally prohibited to maintain the sacred atmosphere of the place.

Q3. Are there facilities for international pilgrims? The temple and surrounding area offer facilities catering to international visitors, including accommodation and guides. However, it’s advisable to arrange these well in advance due to the event’s popularity.

Q4. How long does the Nijaroopa Darshan take? The duration of the darshan can vary from a few seconds to a minute per person, considering the large number of devotees attending the event.

Q5. Is there any provision for special poojas during Chandanotsavam? Yes, devotees can participate in or sponsor special poojas during Chandanotsavam. Details and booking options are available on the temple’s official website or at the temple premises.

Simhachalam Chandanotsavam 2024 promises to be a spiritually uplifting experience, blending ancient rituals with devotion in the serene ambiance of the Simhachalam Temple. Whether you’re a devout pilgrim or a curious traveler, the festival offers a unique glimpse into the rich tapestry of Indian religious practices and beliefs. Plan your visit well, adhere to the traditions, and immerse yourself in the divine blessings of Lord Narasimha. This is the brief information about the 2024 Simhachalam Nijaroopa Darshanam VIP Tickets Online Booking.

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Simhachalam Chandanotsavam 2024 Date Pooja Timings

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