Aadi Amavasai 2022 Date and Pooja Timings

See below for the Aadi Amavasai 2022 Date And Pooja Timings, Significance, Procedure of the Aadi Amavasya Puja, and details here.

Aadi Amavasya:

Aadi Amavasya is the new Moon Day that falls in the Tamil month of Aadi (July – August). Aadi Amavasai is one of the three most impressive days of the Moon to offer the Tarpanam to respect his progenitors and accept their everlasting favors.

Siginificance of Aadi Amavasai:

The period of Aadi is viewed as propitious when the heavenly powers favor the earth smoothly and answer their requests. Offering tarpanam ceremonies for their precursors on Aadi Amavasya Day assists their spirits with getting Moksha (salvation) and allows them their favors. Celestially, on any day of Amavasai, the Sun and the Moon live in a similar sign. Aadi Amavasai accepts more noteworthy significance because the Sun and the Moon occupy the indication of the Moon which is Cancer.

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It is accepted that in Aadi Amavasai, spirits are more ready to acknowledge their contributions and are satisfied when their replacements perform tarpanam customs for them. Likewise consistently in the period of Aadi, the sun moves toward the south, which is called ‘Dakshinayanam’. Since this is the principal day of the New Moon of the period, it is viewed as the most impressive day to perform tarpanam customs to their precursors.

Aadi Amavasai 2022 Date and Pooja Timings

Aadi Amavasai On 28 July 2022, Thursday.

Aadi Amavasai Muhurtham:

  • Amavasai Tithi Starts from 09:11 PM on 27 July 2022
  • Amavasai Tithi Ends at 11:23 PM on 28 July 2022


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