Ahobilam Swathi Nakshtram 2024 Dates List

See below for the Ahobilam Swathi Nakshtram 2024 Dates List Puja Timings, Pooja Procedure, Narasimha Homam Details, Significance of Swathi Nakshatram and More.

Ahobilam Temple Swathi Nakshatram 2024 Dates List, Puja Timings, and Comprehensive Guide

Nestled in the serene hills of the Eastern Ghats in Andhra Pradesh, India, the Ahobilam Temple stands as a monumental testament to religious devotion and architectural grandeur. Dedicated to Lord Narasimha, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, this sacred site attracts thousands of pilgrims yearly, especially on auspicious days like the Swathi Nakshatram. See below for the Ahobilam Swathi Nakshtram 2024 Dates List in detail.

Ahobilam Swathi Nakshtram 2024 Dates List

Swathi Nakshatram is considered highly auspicious for worshiping Lord Narasimha. In 2024, the dates when Swathi Nakshatra prevails are particularly special for devotees looking to engage in Poojas and Homams dedicated to the deity. While these dates may slightly vary based on lunar calculations, they generally fall once a month and are eagerly awaited by the faithful.

Ahobilam Swathi Nakshtram 2024 Dates List
Masam Month Date
Chaitram April 24th
Vaishakam May 21st
Jyestam June 18th
Aashadam July 15th
Sravanam August 11th
Bhadrapadam September 8th
Ashviyujam October 5th
Kaarthikam November 1st
Marghasiram November 29th
Pushyam December 26th
Magham January 22nd
Phalgunam February 18th

Puja Timings and Pooja Procedure

The temple observes strict adherence to Vedic rituals and timings. Poojas during Swathi Nakshatram usually begin at dawn, with precise timings varying slightly throughout the year. Devotees should aim to arrive early to partake in the sacred rites, which include Abhishekam (sacred bath), Alankaram (decoration), Archana, and Aarti.

Narasimha Homam Details

One of the most potent rituals performed at Ahobilam on Swathi Nakshatram days is the Narasimha Homam. This Homam invokes the deity’s energy to protect devotees from evil and ensure prosperity. It begins with the invocation of Lord Ganesh, followed by Punyahavachanam (purification), the main Narasimha Homam, and concludes with Poornahuti (offering).

Significance of Swathi Nakshatra Pooja

Swathi Nakshatra Pooja holds immense significance as it is believed to appease Lord Narasimha, bringing his blessings upon the devotees. It’s considered particularly beneficial for those undergoing Saturn’s adverse effects, as Lord Narasimha’s grace can mitigate such impacts. It also promotes spiritual growth, health, and well-being.

Tickets Booking

Devotees wishing to participate in the Poojas or Homams can book tickets online through the official temple website or at the temple premises. It is advisable to book in advance due to the high demand, especially for the Homam tickets, which are limited. Prices vary depending on the pooja or homam selected.

Step by Step Guide for Devotees

  1. Ticket Booking: Secure your spot by booking tickets for the desired pooja or homam online.
  2. Arrival at Temple: Reach the temple early on the designated date, keeping in mind the puja timings.
  3. Participation in Rituals: Engage in the rituals respectfully and follow the priests’ instructions.
  4. Prasad Distribution: After the pooja, collect the prasad and blessings.
  5. Exploring Ahobilam: Take time to explore the nine forms of Narasimha scattered around the Ahobilam hill range.


  • Can I perform the Narasimha Homam personally? Yes, with prior arrangement and booking, you can perform the Homam under a priest’s guidance.

  • Is there a dress code for entering the temple? Yes, traditional attire is recommended. Men are advised to wear dhotis, while women should wear sarees or salwar kameez.

  • Are there accommodations available near the temple? Yes, several guest houses and lodges cater to devotees, ranging from basic facilities to more comfortable accommodations.

  • Can I bring offerings for the deity? Yes, offerings like fruits, flowers, and sweets are welcome. However, consult the temple authorities for specific guidelines.

  • Is photography allowed inside the temple? Photography is generally restricted within the temple premises. Always check the current rules upon arrival.


The Ahobilam Temple, with its divine ambiance and profound spiritual practices, offers an unparalleled experience for devotees, especially during the Swathi Nakshatram. By understanding the significance, procedures, and practicalities outlined in this guide, pilgrims can ensure a fulfilling and hassle-free spiritual journey. Remember, the key to a rewarding visit lies in preparation, reverence, and immersion in the devotional activities at this sacred site. This is the brief information about the Ahobilam Swathi Nakshtram 2024 Dates List in detail.

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