Auspicious Telugu Marriage 2022 Dates

Auspicious Telugu Marriage 2022 Dates

The Telugu Marriage dates for the year 2022 are the dates for the Telugu people for the marriage according to the Telugu calendar these marriage dates are not fixed for every year, the dates are changed based on the panchangam. These marriage dates will not be set for all the Telugu people and for every person the date gets changed based on their astrology and their Zodiac. Check Below for Auspicious Telugu Marriage 2022 Dates.

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The marriage dates are not fixed until the astrologer has consulted for the marriage muhurtas dates and the alignment of planets. These dates are not only mentioned for the marriage muhurta but also for any good occasions or functions, but these dates are more suggested for the marriage muhurta purpose so many of the Telugu people believe these dates, and they proceed for the marriage muhurtas.

But these dates are not the same for all the people it differs from person to person based on his date of birth, astrology, and zodiac signs so these all planning and dates are provided by the astrology many Telugu people have their own family astrology, so many people wish to consult their own astrology for fixing the dates for the marriage muhurtas.

There are many calculations and Requirements for this marriage muhurtas and these calculations depend upon the graham like the Shuka graham, Ravi graham, Kuja Graham and Chandra graham, etc. For the marriage muhurtas the Navamsa, Drekkana, Hora, and Lagna must be very strong for the Marriage muhurtas.

Telugu Marriage 2022 Dates

  • Jan 2022        No Dates in Jan
  • Feb 2022       2Feb, 3Feb, 4Feb, 5Feb, 6Feb, 10 Feb, 13Feb, 16Feb, 17Feb, 18Feb, 19Feb,  20Feb
  • Mar 2022      19Mar, 20Mar, 23Mar, 24Mar, 26Mar, 27Mar
  • Apr 2022       2 Apr, 3Apr, 6Apr, 7Apr, 8Apr, 13Apr, 14Apr, 15Apr, 16 Apr, 17 Apr, 21Apr, 22 Apr, 24 Apr
  • May 2022      3 May 4 May, 12 May, 13 May, 14 May 15 May, 18 May, 20 May, 21 May, 22 May, 25 May
  • Jun 2022       1Jun, 3Jun, 5Jun, 8Jun, 9Jun, 10 Jun, 15Jun, 16Jun, 17 Jun, 18 Jun, 19 Jun, 22Jun, 23Jun
  • Jul 2022        Ashadam. No Muhurta Dates
  • Aug 2022      3Aug, 4Aug, 5Aug, 6Aug, 10Aug, 11Aug, 13Aug,17Aug, 20Aug, 21 Aug
  • Sep 2022       No Muhurta Dates
  • Oct 2022       No Muhurta Dates
  • Nov 2022      No Muhurta Dates
  • Dec 2022      2Dec, 7Dec, 8Dec, 9Dec, 10Dec, 11Dec, 14Dec, 16Dec, 17Dec, 18Dec

The people consult the astrologer for a suitable date and time. So many people say that the marriage muhurtas are falls during the evening and morning hours, and it is advised that not to perform the marriage muhurtas at the sun setting. But it is good that during the Sun Rising and Moon Rising the people believe that the future of the couple will shine like sunshine, so they perform marriage muhurtas at the sun rising or Moon Ascending time.


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