Ayodhya Sri Ram Navami Special Darshan Tickets Online Booking

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A Comprehensive Guide to Ayodhya Sri Ram Navami Special Darshan

Ayodhya, the birthplace of Lord Rama, holds a special significance for devotees worldwide. The city is home to numerous temples, each with its unique history and spiritual significance. Among these, the Ayodhya Sri Ram temple stands out, especially during Sri Ram Navami, the birth anniversary of Lord Rama. This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide to the Ayodhya Sri Ram Navami Special Darshan Tickets Online Booking.

Ayodhya Sri Ram Navami Special Darshan Tickets Online Booking

The Ayodhya Sri Ram Temple opens its doors to devotees early in the morning, typically around 5 AM. The temple remains open until noon, after which it closes for a few hours. It reopens in the evening, around 4 PM, and stays open until 9 PM. However, during Sri Ram Navami, the temple extends its timings to accommodate the influx of devotees.

Tickets Online Booking:

Devotees can book their darshan tickets online through the official website of the Ayodhya Sri Ram Temple. The process is straightforward. You need to select the date and time slot, provide your details, and make the payment. Once the booking is confirmed, you will receive an e-ticket that you must show at the entrance of the temple.

Offline Booking:

For those who prefer offline booking, the temple provides a counter where you can purchase tickets directly. However, it’s advisable to reach early as there can be long queues, especially during Sri Ram Navami.

Temple Dress Code:

The Ayodhya Sri Ram Temple encourages traditional attire. Men are advised to wear dhotis or pyjamas with a cloth top, or simple shirts and trousers. Women are recommended to wear sarees or salwar suits. It is advisable to dress modestly, keeping in mind the sanctity of the place.

How to Reach the Temple:

Ayodhya is well-connected by road, rail, and air. The nearest airport is in Lucknow, about 134 km away. From there, you can hire a taxi or take a bus to Ayodhya. Ayodhya railway station is well-connected to major cities in India. Additionally, the temple is easily accessible through local transport within the city.

Step by Step Guide:

  1. Plan your visit: Decide on the date and time of your visit. Booking your tickets in advance can save you from long queues.
  2. Reach Ayodhya: Use the mode of transport most convenient for you.
  3. Dress appropriately: Remember to adhere to the temple’s dress code.
  4. Visit the temple: Show your ticket at the entrance and enjoy your darshan.


Q: Can I carry my mobile phone inside the temple? A: Most temples do not allow electronic devices inside the main prayer area. It’s best to check with the temple authorities beforehand.

Q: Can I take photographs inside the temple? A: Photography is usually prohibited inside the temple. However, you can take pictures of the temple’s exterior structure.

Q: Is there any facility for accommodation? A: Yes, there are various dharamshalas and hotels around the temple where you can book your stay.


The Ayodhya Sri Ram Navami Special Darshan is a spiritual journey that leaves devotees with a sense of peace and fulfillment. By following this guide, you can ensure a hassle-free and memorable visit to this historic temple. This is the brief information about the Ayodhya Sri Ram Navami Special Darshan Tickets Online Booking in detail.

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