Bangalore Banashankari Temple History Darshan Timings

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Bangalore Banashankari Temple History Darshan Timings, Location, Phone Number, and More

The Bangalore Banashankari Temple is a revered shrine that holds immense historical, cultural, and religious significance. Nestled in the bustling city of Bangalore, Karnataka, India, this temple is dedicated to Goddess Banashankari, an incarnation of Goddess Parvati. This comprehensive article delves into the Bangalore Banashankari Temple History Darshan Timings and Some frequently asked questions.

Bangalore Banashankari Temple History Darshan Timings

The Banashankari Temple’s history is a tapestry woven with devotion and time. The original temple was built in the Dravidian style during the reign of the Cholas in the 10th century. However, the current structure is credited to the renovations and expansions carried out by the Wodeyars of Mysore in the 17th century, indicating a legacy that spans several centuries.

The deity, Goddess Banashankari, is worshiped as an incarnation of Goddess Parvati. The name ‘Banashankari’ is derived from ‘Bana’ (forest) and ‘Shankari’ (Goddess Parvati), symbolizing the goddess’s origin in the forest. Devotees believe that she has the power to fulfill wishes and bring prosperity to her followers.

Darshan Timings

The Banashankari Temple opens its doors to devotees with specific darshan timings. Typically, the temple is open from 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM. These timings might be subject to change during special occasions and festivals. Devotees are advised to check the official temple website or contact the temple authorities for the most current information.

Daily Seva List

The temple performs various sevas (services) and rituals daily. Some of the prominent sevas include:

  1. Archana: A special offering of flowers and chants to the deity.
  2. Abhisheka: A sacred bath given to the deity with milk, honey, and other holy substances.
  3. Aarti: A ceremonial light waving in front of the deity.
  4. Annadanam: A service where food is offered to the devotees.

Each seva has a specific time and some might require prior booking or a fee.

Online Booking

With the advent of technology, the temple has facilitated online booking for darshans and sevas. Devotees can visit the official Banashankari Temple website to book their slots. The process is usually straightforward:

  1. Register on the website with personal details.
  2. Select the type of darshan or seva.
  3. Choose the date and time.
  4. Make the payment online.
  5. Receive a confirmation and instructions via email or SMS.

Offline Booking

For those who prefer traditional methods or might not have access to online facilities, offline booking is available at the temple premises. The temple has a dedicated counter where devotees can inquire about available slots, sevas, and make bookings accordingly. Payments can be made in cash or via card at these counters.

FAQ about Bangalore Banashankari Temple History Darshan Timings

Q1: Is there any dress code for entering the temple? Yes, the temple encourages modest attire. Traditional Indian clothing is preferred.

Q2: Are there facilities for special darshans for the elderly and physically challenged? Yes, the temple provides facilities and separate queues for the elderly and physically challenged.

Q3: Can non-Hindus visit the temple? Yes, people from all faiths are welcome to visit the temple. However, they are requested to respect the temple’s traditions and guidelines.

Q4: Are there any accommodations near the temple? There are several hotels and guest houses near the temple catering to different budgets and preferences.

The Banashankari Temple is not just a place of worship but also a cultural hub. It’s surrounded by markets that sell religious paraphernalia, flowers, and traditional items. Additionally, the temple often organizes cultural events and religious discourses.

The temple’s architecture is also noteworthy, featuring a blend of Dravidian and Vijayanagara styles, with intricate carvings and majestic gopurams. The serene atmosphere inside the temple contrasts with the bustling city outside, offering a peaceful retreat for devotees.


The Banashankari Temple stands as a beacon of faith and tradition in the heart of Bangalore. It’s a place where history resonates with every stone and prayer. Whether you’re a devout follower seeking divine blessings or a curious traveler eager to explore the cultural heritage, the Banashankari Temple offers a profound and enriching experience. With its convenient online and offline services, visiting this sacred site has become accessible to everyone, allowing more people to partake in its timeless legacy. This is the brief information about the Bangalore Banashankari Temple History Darshan Timings in detail.

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Bangalore Banashankari Temple Vip Darshan Timings

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