Karthika Somavaram Vratham Pooja Vidhanam Telugu Pdf

See below for Karthika Somavaram Vratham Pooja Vidhanam Telugu Pdf, Karthika Masam Upavasa Vratham Shiva Pooja Vidhanam Telugu Here.

Hindus consider Karthika Somavaram, or the Monday of the Karthika Masam, to be a highly auspicious day. Despite the fact that Mondays are regarded to be Lord Shiva’s favorite day, Karthika Somavaram or Karthika Masam Mondays are particularly significant. Lord Shiva is also known as Soma or Someshwara, which translates to “the one who wears a Soma or moon crescent on his hair or head.”

We may adjust our minds to higher dimensions by doing Monday rituals. Monday is determined by the moon, which also governs our brains. When you do Monday’s pradosha vratham and focus on Lord Shiva, you can see the highest spirit and achieve siddhi.

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Karthika somavaram upavasam:

According to the Vedas, whoever fasts until dusk on Mondays, feeds a Brahmin, and then consumes the meal while gazing at the stars would get Lord Shiva’s entire blessing. Fasting on Mondays allows you to take control of your mind and soar above all of your feelings and ideas. The moonbeam on Lord Shiva’s head indicates that he controls how the moon travels. This is why he is referred to as Lord Chandrashekara.

Karthika Somavaram Pooja Legend:

Those who follow this vratam will experience numerous delights in this world and will eventually attain Kailasham. People believe that the moon participated in this Vratam and became “moonlike.” He greeted Lord Gauri and Shankara and requested that this Vratam be named “Somavara Vratam,” after one of the moon’s names. Lord Shiva shares the name “Soma” with Goddess Uma, and whoever follows this Vratam should have their requests granted by the Lord’s favor and eventually be released, and God satisfies his wish.

Every day, a princess named Seemanthini would follow this Vratam. Then two young lads appeared, dressed as though they were married. The princess mistook them for gods. The youthful lads matured into men and women. Vasishta, the saintly sage, chose to marry the pure Arundhathi. If you perform this vratam with sincerity, Shiva-shakti will bless you.

Karthika Somavaram Vratham Pooja Vidhanam Telugu Pdf

  1. Karthika Somavaram Vratham is observed by rising before sunrise and doing Punya snana in a river, pond, or at home.
  2. People who worship Lord Shiva visit temples to pray to him and perform Abhisheka.
  3. They fast until dusk, when they break their fast with fruits or meals.
  4. People also perform Rudrabhishekam or Archana and offer bilva patri to Lord Shiva.
  5. When the stars are out, light a diya, and in the evening, light a 1000-wick ghee diya and give a brahmin Deepa danam.
  6. Obtaining the blessings of an elderly couple is considered to be obtaining the blessings of Parvathi and Parmeshwara.
  7. Keeping the Karthika Masam Vratham would allow you to enjoy various delights and eventually reach Kailasham. Lord Shiva bestows his blessings and grants wishes.
  8. Ekadasa Rudra Abhishekam on Karthika Somavaram is regarded to be extremely auspicious.
  9. When the saptami happens on the same day as the Shravana Nakshatra before Karthika Pournami, it is considered an auspicious day.
  10. So, do Karthika Somavaram Vratham to seek Lord Shiva’s blessings?


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