Marundeeswarar Temple Abhishekam Online Booking

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The Sacred Marundeeswarar Temple: A Guide to Abhishekam, Booking, and Rituals

Nestled in the vibrant city of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, the Marundeeswarar Temple stands as a beacon of spiritual solace and architectural grandeur. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, known here as Marundeeswarar or the Divine Healer, this ancient temple has been a pilgrimage site for centuries. Its significance in Hindu mythology and its healing powers attract devotees from across the globe. This guide aims to provide comprehensive insights into the Marundeeswarar Temple Abhishekam Online Booking, ticket bookings, the significance of the rituals, dress code, temple location, and more.

Marundeeswarar Temple Abhishekam Online Booking

Abhishekam is a sacred ritual, an act of showing devotion to the deity, where the idol of the deity is bathed with various substances like milk, honey, ghee, and more. At the Marundeeswarar Temple, the Abhishekam holds profound significance, believed to cleanse one’s soul, remove sins, and bring about healing both physically and spiritually. Devotees partake in this ritual with the faith that Lord Shiva, as Marundeeswarar, will bestow his blessings upon them, curing ailments and granting wisdom.

Abhishekam Timings

The temple conducts Abhishekam at different times throughout the day, allowing devotees to participate or witness this divine offering. The timings are typically early in the morning, around 6:00 AM, followed by a noon session at 12:00 PM, and an evening session at 6:00 PM. These timings may vary during special occasions and festivals, so it’s advisable to check the temple’s official website or contact the temple authorities directly for the most accurate information.

Tickets Online Booking

For the convenience of devotees, the Marundeeswarar Temple offers online booking for Abhishekam and other poojas. This system not only streamlines the process but also helps manage the crowd, especially during peak seasons. To book your slot, visit the official temple website, select the desired service, date, and time, and complete the payment process. You’ll receive a confirmation, which you should keep handy when you visit the temple.

Offline Booking

For those who prefer or require offline booking, the temple has a dedicated counter where tickets can be purchased on the spot. However, availability might be limited, especially on weekends and special days, so arriving early is recommended. The temple staff are always ready to assist with bookings and any other inquiries.

Dress Code

The Marundeeswarar Temple, like many places of worship in India, adheres to a traditional dress code to maintain the sanctity of the premises. Devotees are expected to dress modestly, avoiding shorts, sleeveless tops, and other casual attire. Traditional Indian clothing is preferred. This dress code is a sign of respect towards the deity and the spiritual environment of the temple.

Temple Location

The Marundeeswarar Temple is located in Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai, making it easily accessible by various modes of transportation. For those traveling by public transport, several buses ply to Thiruvanmiyur, and the nearest metro station is Taramani. For visitors coming from outside Chennai, the Chennai International Airport is approximately 16 kilometers away, and the Chennai Central railway station is about 13 kilometers from the temple.

Step by Step Guide

  1. Planning Your Visit: Choose the date and time for your visit. Check the temple’s official website for any updates on timings and special events.
  2. Booking Your Ticket: Decide whether you want to book your Abhishekam or pooja ticket online or offline. Complete the booking accordingly.
  3. Dress Appropriately: Ensure you are dressed as per the temple’s dress code to avoid any inconvenience.
  4. Arriving at the Temple: If you’re traveling by public transport, plan your route in advance. If driving, parking spaces are available near the temple.
  5. Participating in the Rituals: Once inside, you can participate in the Abhishekam or simply witness the rituals. It’s a moment of spirituality and devotion, so maintaining decorum is essential.
  6. Exploring the Temple: After the Abhishekam, take time to explore the temple and its surroundings. The architecture and the peaceful ambiance offer a serene experience.


Q: Can I attend the Abhishekam without booking? A: While booking is recommended to ensure your participation, you can try attending without a booking, subject to availability.

Q: Is there a facility for online darshan? A: As of now, the temple does not offer online darshan. Physical presence is required to partake in or witness the rituals.

Q: Are there any facilities for international visitors? A: International visitors can find guidance and assistance at the temple’s help desk. Information brochures in multiple languages might be available.

Q: Can I perform Abhishekam with my own hands? A: Yes, devotees are allowed to perform Abhishekam under the guidance of the temple priests. Ensure you have booked the appropriate service.

Q: Is photography allowed inside the temple? A: Photography is generally restricted inside the main sanctum to maintain the sacred atmosphere. However, you may take photos in the outer areas with permission.

The Marundeeswarar Temple, with its deep-rooted spiritual significance and serene ambiance, offers a unique experience of devotion and peace. Whether you’re there for the Abhishekam, to seek blessings, or simply to bask in the spiritual aura, the temple welcomes all with open arms. Remember to respect the traditions, dress appropriately, and immerse yourself in the divine experience that this ancient temple has to offer. This is the brief information about the Marundeeswarar Temple Abhishekam Online Booking in detail.

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