Nataraja Chidambaram Temple Arudra Darisanam 2024 Dates

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Nataraja Chidambaram Temple Arudra Darisanam 2024: A Comprehensive Guide

The Nataraja Chidambaram Temple, a prominent spiritual destination in Tamil Nadu, India, is renowned for its celebration of Arudra Darisanam. This event is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is celebrated with great fervor and devotion. Here’s an informative guide on the Nataraja Chidambaram Temple Arudra Darisanam 2024 Dates.

Nataraja Chidambaram Temple Arudra Darisanam 2024 Dates

Arudra Darisanam, also known as Thiruvathirai, falls on the full moon night in the Tamil month of Margazhi (December-January). In 2024, the festival is expected to be observed in late December or early January. The exact dates will be announced by the temple authorities closer to the festival.

The pooja timings usually begin early in the morning and continue until late evening. Devotees are advised to check the official temple website or contact the temple administration for the precise timings as they may vary each year.

Seva Online Booking and Offline Booking

For the convenience of devotees, the temple offers facilities for both online and offline bookings of sevas. Online booking can be done through the temple’s official website, where devotees can choose from various sevas and make payments securely.

Offline booking can be done at the temple premises. Counters are usually set up a few days before the festival, where devotees can book their desired sevas and make payments.

Significance of Arudra Darisanam

Arudra Darisanam holds immense significance in the Shaivite tradition. It symbolizes the cosmic dance of Lord Shiva as Nataraja. This cosmic dance represents the continuous cycle of creation and destruction in the universe. On this day, the idol of Nataraja is taken out in a grand procession, and special rituals are performed.

Temple Location and How to Reach

The Nataraja Chidambaram Temple is located in the town of Chidambaram, about 215 kilometers south of Chennai. The nearest airport is Tiruchirappalli, approximately 130 kilometers away. The Chidambaram railway station connects the town to other major cities in India. Regular bus services are also available from Chennai, Pondicherry, and other towns in Tamil Nadu.

Step-by-step Guide to Participate in Arudra Darisanam

  1. Planning: Plan your trip well in advance. Take note of the festival dates and pooja timings.
  2. Booking: Book your sevas either online through the temple’s official website or offline at the temple premises.
  3. Travel: Arrange your travel to Chidambaram. Make sure to reach a day before the festival to avoid any last-minute rush.
  4. Participation: On the day of the festival, participate in the rituals and darshan. Follow the guidelines provided by the temple authorities for a smooth and spiritual experience.


Q: What is the dress code for the temple? A: Devotees are advised to wear clean and conservative attire. Men should wear dhotis or pyjamas with a cloth top or formal pants and shirts, while women should wear sarees or suits.

Q: Can I bring offerings for the deity? A: Yes, you can bring offerings. However, they must comply with the guidelines laid down by the temple administration.

Q: Is there any facility for accommodation near the temple? A: Yes, several guesthouses and lodges are available near the temple for accommodation. It’s advisable to book in advance during festival seasons.

For more details and updates, you can visit the official temple website or contact the temple administration directly. Participating in Arudra Darisanam at the Nataraja Chidambaram Temple is indeed a divine and enriching experience that leaves one with a sense of peace and fulfillment. This is the brief information about the Nataraja Chidambaram Temple Arudra Darisanam 2024 Datesin detail.

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Nataraja Chidambaram Temple Scientific Facts

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