Telangana Bathukamma Festival Date 2023

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Telangana is the state for culture and celebrations. Bathukamma is a folk festival that is grandly celebrated in Telangana. Telangana Government also declared this festival as Telangana State Festival. This festival is celebrated in 09 Days and is dedicated to Goddess Durga Devi. On these 09 days, All women in Telangana and Telangana State Followers will get ready beautifully and do a folk dance together in front of the flowers. Also, they sing a song of Bathukamma while doing the dance. Let’s see below for the Telangana Bathukamma Festival Date 2023 in detail.

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Telangana Bathukamma Festival Date 2023 and History: 

The Bathukamma festival is shrouded in a great number of legends. After many years of prayer and fasting, the Chola dynasty’s King Dharmangada was finally granted the gift of a daughter, whom he honored by naming Lakshmi. The infant overcame several challenges during her life, and as a result, her parents gave her the name Bathukamma (Bathu is Tamil for “life,” and Amma is the word for “woman”). The vast majority of young girls and women enthusiastically celebrate Bathukamma in order to secure a suitable marriage connection. The holiday is observed by families with the purpose of praying for financial success and physical wellness.

After her battle with the demon Mahishasura, it is said that the goddess Gauri fell into a profound slumber and slept for a very long time. It is believed that she began her day on Dasami Day by waking up. It is said that the goddess Parvathi, who is also known as Bathakamma, has a soft spot in her heart for beautiful blooms. On a piece of wood that has been cut into a triangle form, flowers have been placed in a triangular pattern. The shape of the Goddess is worshipped here, and at the very top of the structure is a clump of turmeric, which represents the “Gopuram.”

Telangana Bathukamma Festival Date 2023:

Telangana Bathukamma Festival is a grand festival and happy celebrating the festival. this is the symbol of the folk culture. people from all backgrounds participate in this event without fail. Telangana Bathukamma Festival Starts from 14th October to 23rd October this year. 

The Bathukamma festival is a celebration of the connection that exists between Mother Nature, Water, and the people of the world. Women create a clay figure of Mother Durga covered in a mud called a “boddemma” and then submerge it and the Bathukammalu in the pond. It is for the purpose of enhancing the power of the ponds and assisting them in retaining a greater volume of water. Flowers are responsible for the purification and cleansing of water, which in turn improves the air quality.

The Bathukamma celebration is not just a method to preserve culture during times when water supplies are dwindling, but it is also a way to preserve the natural resources that are essential for one’s continued existence. The event is a celebration of the persevering spirit of women, the agricultural spirit, the splendor of nature, and the oneness of humans. It also heralds the glory of nature. The Bathukamma celebration is renowned for its ability to bring people together while simultaneously honoring the gifts that nature bestows.

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