Thiruvalangadu Temple Abhishekam Online Booking

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Thiruvalangadu Temple: An In-depth Guide to Abhishekam and Seva Bookings

The Thiruvalangadu Temple, situated in the Thiruvalangadu village near Chennai, Tamil Nadu, is a revered place of worship dedicated to Lord Shiva. This temple is not just a spiritual retreat but also an architectural marvel with a rich historical background. This guide provides comprehensive information about Thiruvalangadu Temple Abhishekam Online Booking, Seva ticket bookings, the significance of Abhishekam, dress code, location, and other essential details.

Thiruvalangadu Temple Abhishekam Online Booking

Abhishekam is a sacred ritual performed in Hindu temples where the deity is bathed with holy substances like milk, honey, ghee, curd, and water. At Thiruvalangadu Temple, the Abhishekam is performed for Lord Shiva, signifying purification and rejuvenation. It is believed that participating in Abhishekam can bring prosperity, peace, and fulfillment of desires.

Abhishekam Timings

The Abhishekam at the Thiruvalangadu Temple starts early in the morning around 6:00 AM and is conducted several times throughout the day. However, the timings may vary during special occasions and festivals. Devotees are advised to confirm the timings from the temple’s official website or contact the temple authorities directly.

Seva Tickets Online Booking and Offline Booking

To facilitate a hassle-free experience for devotees, Thiruvalangadu Temple offers both online and offline booking for Seva tickets.

For online bookings, visit the official website of the temple, select the desired Seva, choose the date, and complete the payment process. After successful booking, you’ll receive a confirmation email or text message with your booking details.

For offline booking, head over to the temple’s booking counter. It is advisable to reach early in the morning to avoid long queues and ensure availability.

Dress Code

The Thiruvalangadu Temple maintains a strict dress code to uphold the sanctity of the place. Men are required to wear dhoti or pyjama with upper cloth or formal pants and shirts, while women are advised to wear sarees or suits. Devotees wearing shorts, sleeveless tops, miniskirts, and other revealing outfits may not be allowed entry into the temple.

Temple Location

Located approximately 44 kilometers away from Chennai, Thiruvalangadu Temple is well-connected by road and rail. The tranquil surroundings of the temple offer a perfect setting for a spiritual retreat.

Step by Step Guide

  1. Plan Your Visit: Check the Abhishekam timings and book your Seva tickets in advance. Plan your travel accordingly.
  2. Reach the Temple: Follow the signboards after reaching Thiruvalangadu to locate the temple. Ample parking space is available for vehicles.
  3. Enter the Temple: Be dressed according to the temple’s dress code. Start your darshan from the main deity, Lord Shiva.
  4. Perform Abhishekam: If you have booked for Abhishekam, reach the designated area at the mentioned time. The priests will guide you through the process.
  5. Participate in Other Sevas: Participate in other Sevas if you have booked for them.


Q1. Can I perform Abhishekam without prior booking?

It’s always better to book in advance to ensure your slot. However, depending upon the crowd and availability, on-the-spot booking might be possible.

Q2. What are the other Sevas available at the temple?

Apart from Abhishekam, several other Sevas like Archana, Aarti, and special poojas are performed. Details can be obtained from the temple’s official website.

Q3. Can I cancel my online booking?

The cancellation policy differs based on the temple’s rules and regulations. It’s advised to check the cancellation policy at the time of booking.


Thiruvalangadu Temple, with its divine ambiance, offers a unique spiritual experience to its visitors. The ritual of Abhishekam adds to the sacredness of this ancient temple. Whether you’re a devotee seeking blessings or a traveler exploring India’s rich cultural heritage, Thiruvalangadu Temple is a destination worth visiting. This is the brief information about the Thiruvalangadu Temple Abhishekam Online Booking in detail.

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