Tirumala Divyadarsanam Online Application Registration

Know More Details About The Tirumala Divyadarsanam Online Application Registration, Safety Guidelines, Location, And Contact Info Given Below

APSRTC Divyadarsanam Bus tenures list, online operation enrollment, and selection list downloads are each available on this runner. The AP Endowment Department is responsible for the protection of Andhra Pradesh’s religious parcels and artistic vestiges on behalf of the state government.

The state of Andhra Pradesh is home to some of the most popular passage destinations in the world, including Tirumala, Srisailam, and Vijayawada, amongst others. In addition to the fact that numerous people travel frequently, some individuals are unfit to visit indeed one of the most important tabernacles in their lives.

Tirumala Divyadarsanam Online Application Registration

AP contains four Major tabernacles, Vijayawada, Srisailam, Tirumala and Annavaram. Eligibility conditions for submitting an online operation for the Divyadarsanam Scheme are as follows. In order to qualify, a ménage must fall below the civil poverty limit and have a white portion card. Download instructions for the offline program may be set up on a website.

People are suitable to hand their fully filled-out operations straight to the Mandal MRO office in their region. There’s a donation box there with the name Divya Darsanam written on it. The TTD board made a number of sweats to let arjitha sevas addicts, but the event has been laid over since the alternate surge of Covid will do in December of 2020. When using the TTD website for the first time, new druggies are needed to register their TTD stoner login on the website

Tickets for the month of October are going to be distributed using the same system as in former times. Take a look down below to learn the schedule, the dates for registering for the allotment, and the time for the advertisement on the selection of Arjitha sevas. It’s relatively unusual to be suitable to buy a Seva ticket online. After the ticket has been distributed, the sucker Aadhar won’t be suitable to present for another time for the coming six months.

Tirumala Divyadarsanam Online Application Registration

When applying online, you need to have a valid cellphone number, dispatch address, and Aadhar number. First, supply the phone number of the aspirant while logged into the website. Please enter the One Time word that was transferred to your mobile device. As is customary, the website has been brought up to date with the most recent schedule so that addicts may enter their preferences for the arbitrary allocation of Arjitha Seva tickets.

The Important Documents For DivyaDarsanam

  • Please upload a picture that’s passport size, and give each aspirant’s details, including their address and Aadhar number.
  • To finish, click the box labeled” submit operation.” You’re going to be handed the enrollment number for the fortunate dip.
  • Selection List for the Divyadarsanam and the Lucky Dip Results There’s a randomization of all of the aspirant enrollment figures, and also forty of the operations are chosen.
  • Every person gets one week to themselves to get ready for the trip. There’s no system to the picking of pilgrims but sheer chance.
  • Each group is transported to their separate locales independently grounded on the vacuity of the machine route.
  • Because of the tight restrictions assessed on all public areas, the TTD has decided to suspend performing all Arjitha Sevas in tabernacles as of April 2020. Every seva requires a large number of addicts to congregate in a crowded area, and they’ve to stand veritably near to one another.
  • Because of Covid 19, the DivyaDarsanam service is temporarily stopped.

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