Tirumala Seva dress code details

Check below for Tirumala Seva dress code details, Tirumala Darshan Dress code details, Tirumala Vip Break Darshan Dress Code details, and TTD Rules on Dress code 

Tirumala Seva dress code details

The Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams will provide the Special sevas and VIP darshans for the pilgrims, many of the pilgrims are very interested to attend the sevas performed inside the temple. It is very precious if we attend these sevas are daily performed in the temple for the Lord Venkateshwara Swamy.

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The pilgrims are very lucky to attend this sevas. There are different sevas performed for the Lord Venkateswara swamy like Arjitha seva, Suprabatham, Kalyanathosavam, and Tomala Seva, etc. For participating in this seva we need to follow the proper dress code otherwise the devotees are not allowed to attend the sevas.

The Pilgrims who are attending for the sevas should follow the proper dress code or attending the special darshan also must and should maintain the proper dress code this is the message from the TTD and the outfit worn by the devotees must be very decent this dress code should be followed after he or she enters the temple.

The Dress code for the Women is churidar or saree and the male devotee should wear the Kurta pajamas, Dhoti, or lungi. These are the dress code that should be followed by everyone who is attending this seva. The same dress code is followed by the VIP darshan Pilgrims, or else they are not allowed inside the temple.

Jeans, pants, shorts, and other outfits are strictly prohibited inside the temple to attend the sevas, and exposing body parts is not permitted inside the temple. There should follow the decent outfit inside the temple.

Tirumala Seva dress code details :-

  • Men: Pancha or Kurta Pyjama.
  • Women: Saree or Churidar.


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