Tirumala Srivari VIP Break Darshan Timings Tickets Cost Info

Know More Details About the Tirumala Srivari VIP Break Darshan Timings Tickets Cost Info of 2023, History, Contact, and Location Given Here.

Suprabatham is the first of the daily arjitha sevas performed to Lord Venkateswara, followed by Thomala, Archana, and lastly Ekanthaseva. (not open to pilgrims). However, other arjitha sevas, such as Kalyanotsavam, Arjita Brahmotsavam, Dolotsavam, Vasantotsavam, and Sahasra Deepalankara seva, are also done following archana to the processional deity of Lord Venkateswara, also known as “Malayappa Swamy.”Suprabhatam, Archana, Thomala Service, and Ekantha Service.

The Tirumala hills are home to a wide variety of attractions, including the revered Vaishnavite icon shrine of Lord Sri Venkateswara Swamy, a wonder and masterpiece of Dravidian architecture. Some of the must-visit places in Tirumala are Swami Pushkarini, Sri Bhu Varaha Swamy temple, Sri Hathiramjee Mutt, Sri Bedi Anjaneya Swamy temple, Srivari Sikhara Darshanam, Sila Thoranam, Dharmagiri, Narayangiri, Papavinasanam, Akasa Ganga waterfalls, Temple Museum, Asthana Mandapams, and Gogarbham Gardens.

Tirumala Srivari VIP Break Darshan Timings Tickets Cost Info

  • The price of a VIP Break Darshan ticket to Tirumala Tirupati is 500 Indian Rupees ($10).
  • Darshan for VIPs is held at 6 a.m. every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
  • Weekends tend to be congested, thus strong letters of recommendation may be taken into account on such days.
  • Time spent in Darshan and waiting might add up to a total of two and a half to three hours.
  • When the Tirumala crowds are very large, T.T.D often cancels the break, Darshan.
MONDAY 05:00 am to 05: 45am. 07:00 pm to 07:45 pm.
TUESDAY 06.30 am to 07: 00 am. 07:00 pm to 07:30 pm.
WEDENSDAY 06:30 am to 07:00 am. 07:00 pm to 07:30 pm.
THURSDAY 06:30 am to 07:00 am. 07:00 pm to 07:30 pm.
FRIDAY 08:00 am to 08:30 am. Darshan is Not Available.
SATURDAY 05:00 am to 05:30 am. Darshan is Not Available.
SUNDAY 05:00 am to 05:30 am. Darshan is Not Available.

VIP Darshan during a short break is offered at Tirumala. It’s helpful when the Swamy vari Sevaks don’t try to force you into having Darshan. There are three tiers of Tirupati VIP Break Darshan, designated L1, L2, and L3. VVIP officials, including judges and high-ranking government and political leaders, are included in tier L1.

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Tirumala Srivari VIP Break Darshan Timings Tickets Cost Info

  • L1 – Advantages of L1 Darshan There will be no pushing or pulling during L1 Break Darshan; instead, there will be Harathi, Theertham, and slow line movement so that devotees may spend more time in front of the Idol. Darshan on the L1 line often takes longer, between 45 and 50 minutes.
  • L2 – Next-level authorities and T.T.D. employees and their families.
  • The advantages of L2 Darshan include:
  • The line will be smooth and Harathi will be accessible for L2.
  • There should be no coercion. Darshan by the L2 line will need 30–45 minutes.
  • L3 – General Recommendation Letters for People Who Are Not Related to L1 or L2. The line will be quite busy due to the L3 darshan. This darshan is brief.
  • T.T.D. Employees and Their Families Enjoy a Special L2 Darshan Break
  • Members of the T.T.D family should always have a picture ID on hand showing all other members of the family.

Darshan L3 Exit for Special Guests with Letters of Recommendation

  1. The Executive Office or Joint-Executive Officer, Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam, Tirumala, shall be the recipient of recommendation letters from members of parliament, ministers, senior-level government officials, and TTD employees, among others. Identify the break as a VIP Darshan and make it known.
  2. Fingerprints and a current mobile phone number are required in addition to the Recommendation Letter at the J.E.O. camp office. Photocopies of government-issued identification are required.
  3. 3. The deadline for letters to be received for the next day’s Darshan is 3:00 PM.
  4. If the recommendation letter is accepted, a confirmation SMS will be sent to the provided phone number that evening.
  5. After getting an SMS, the Pilgrim must take the SMS and a valid form of identification to MBC 34.
  6. Fingerprints will be used to issue tickets, making them non-transferable.
  7. Darshan times are firm and cannot be moved or rescheduled. If you are unable to make your scheduled darshan time, you will need to reapply for your ticket.

Violate the Darshan Dress Code:

White Dhoti or Pancha with a white Kurta or Pyjama for men. Saree, Blouse, Punjabi Dress, Chudidhar, Half Saree, and Half Blouse are all acceptable attire for women. ( Langa Voni).

So what happens if you don’t get an SMS?

  • Upon acceptance of your Letter and participation in J.E.O. Camp, you will be given a Reference Number at the time of Letter submission at the J.E.O. Camp office.
  • If the SMS isn’t received in time, you may double-check the status of your Break Darshan at either the MBC 34 counter or the J.E.O Camp office by 5:30 pm.

This is the Complete Information About the Tirumala Srivari VIP Break Darshan Timings Tickets Cost Info.

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