Tirumala Vastralankara Seva Online Booking

Know the details and updates regarding Tirumala Vastralankara Seva Online Booking, Melchat vastram seva TTD Online Booking, Tirumala Srivari Melchat Vastralankara Seva Online Booking Procedure, and Info.

Vastralankara seva is offered to Lord Venkateswara every Friday after Abhishekam. Archakas Perform Abhishekam with Water, Milk, Camphor, Turmeric, Chandanam, and Kasturi. After Abhishekam, Lord Srinivasa is dressed in Pattu Pitambaram clothes and Pacha karpuram namam is applied.No devotee is allowed inside during this entire process. Blouse pieces, Laddus, Vadas, and the Chandanam which are offered during the seva are provided to the devotees after the Seva as Prasdam. Devotees stay at the right from the first where they can watch Harati after Steel vessel Procession.

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Tirumala Vastralankara Seva Timings

  • The Vatsralankara Seva is offered to Lord Venkateswara every Friday at 3.30 A.M. 
  • The reporting time is 3.00 A.M at Suphadam although it is advisable to arrive at the time of Suprabhata Seva. 
  • All pilgrims must adhere to the traditional dressing norms with Kurta, Pajamas, or Dhoti around the waist and the upper cloth on the shoulder for men and sarees or Punjabi dress with dupatta for women. 
  • Pilgrims should carry a government ID proof along with the ticket before entering the temple premises.

Srivari Vastralankara Seva

TTD does not provide any online booking for Vastralankara Seva. But, there are two offline modes to book for this darshan – either through recommendation letters or through current booking. 

For VIP Darshan, high-level recommendations are preferred for vastralankara Seva. To book for VIP Darshan, L1, L2, L3 Slot recommendations must reach the JEO Office for further process. On the other hand, Pilgrims can book tickets for the vastralankara Seva through the current booking option as there is no online booking for this seva. After arriving at Tirumala, pilgrims can reach the CRO office to book the seva tickets for the next day by TTD Lucky DIP option.

TTD Vastralankara Seva Ticket Booking:

The Ticket Cost for Vatsralankars Seva is around  Rs. 12,250 Which makes it the costliest of all Sevas Performed in Tirumala. Two persons are eligible per ticket and can be allowed for Abhishekam.

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