TTD Tirumala Arjitha Seva Lucky Dip Process Result List 2023

Know More Information About the TTD Tirumala Arjitha Seva Lucky Dip Process Result List 2023, History, Seva List, and Contact Details are Here.

The Draw Outcome for TTD The selection lists for the Tirumala Arjitha Seva Suprabatha Darshanam, Astadala Padapadmaradhana, Nijapada Darshanam, Archana Seva, and Thomala Seva are now available online at the following address: Get the Full List of Recipients here for download.

Tirumala has lifted its Covid-19 limitations and is now again available to all devotees. There are now three different ticket categories for the Arjitha sevas. Archana, Tomala, Suprabatham, Astadala Padapadmaradhanamu, and Nijapadam are among the rare and limited-availability sevas that can only be obtained via the fortunate dip method. Virtual attendance for the remaining sevas is also provided. Similarly, the price of Seva tickets has gone up.

TTD Tirumala Arjitha Seva Lucky Dip Process Result List 2023

Suprabhata Darsanam, Nijapada Darsanam, Astadala Padapadmaradhanamu, Archana, and Tomala seva tickets purchased via TTD’s Lucky Dip are now available for online purchase once more. Followers should look at the picture below for further details.

But with appropriate registration for Online Lucky Dip Registration, any person may acquire an Arjitha Seva ticket. First Gate or Kulasekhara Padi sightings of the Lord are the category’s major draw.

Arjitha Seva’s ticket booking using TTD’s Lucky DIP system:

  1. Go to the official TTD website page (or)
  2. The webpage will display all forthcoming activities and the temple timings. Every first Friday at 11:00 AM and every subsequent Tuesday at 10:00 AM is when registration is open and closed for that month.
  3. Visit the main page using the login information you were given when you originally registered. New users must sign up for an account before they may use the system for the first time.
  4. Select the register link after navigating to the TTD Electronic Seva dip option on the webpage.
  5. Click the checkbox on the portal’s Seva selection page to access the Arjitha dates selection page.
  6. To complete both the date and the seva at the same time, click the pick all button.
  7. Applicants’ full names, email addresses, registered phone numbers, ages, sexes, and Aadhaar numbers must be entered.
  8. Only two persons may register for the Arjitha Seva on the web at once.
  9. Select a certain seva and date by clicking on the seva’s name and the day you’d want to participate.
  10. At the last confirmation stage, the portal submits the information to TTD management for seva clearance.

Click Here to Know the Location of the TTD Tirumala Arjitha Seva Lucky Dip Process Result List 2023

TTD Tirumala Arjitha Seva Lucky Dip Process Result List 2023

Tips for Buying June 2023 Tirumala Lucky Dip Arjitha Seva Tickets:

  • Tickets for Arjitha Seva at Tirumala must be paid for online no later than 24 hours after the Lucky Dip result is announced.
  • If your online payment for a Seva ticket fails, you will not be granted an extension, but you may try again.
  • To access your account after registering for the Arjitha Seva Lucky Dip, go to the website and enter your USERID and password. Under the section under “Patron History,” you will see a link to “Pay Online.”
  • After making a payment for Arjitha Seva online, you may print off a receipt.
  • Bring it together with your other identification documents and your Covid-19-negative certificate when you come for darshan.

How do we come up with the TTD Lucky Dip Results for June 2023?

  1. Allotment takes place regularly on Tuesdays, four days following the start of registrations.
  2. At 10:00 AM., the System will end registration automatically. The results will be released in two hours, at 12:00 PM.
  3. Meanwhile, qualified applicants are notified through email and text messages.

Here’s how to look for the TTD Tirumala Lucky Dip Result 2023 on the web:

  • If you are one of the lucky few to be chosen, you will get a notification. If you don’t know or aren’t sure, go ahead and log into TTD.
  • Direct checking is permitted if you do not have access. Before browsing the website, please check your phone’s text messages and all of your email folders. Lucky Dip registration is restricted to Aadhar UID and passports.
  • Followers may look for him by name or by entering his Aadhar number, mobile phone number, email address, or enrollment ID. After the date of allocation, the choice will remain open until the following Friday.
  • You might also try looking through the whole Electronic Dip Selection List.
  • The Tirupati Balaji website’s front page had a link to the aforementioned paper.
  • Get the Arjitha Seva selection list for April, May, and June of 2022 here. Please contact the website’s Complaints department if you have any problem seeing your findings or going through the selection procedure.

This is the Complete Information About the TTD Tirumala Arjitha Seva Lucky Dip Process Result List 2023.

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