Udupi Sri Krishna Temple story

Udupi Krishna Temple Story of Mystic & Miracles

Sri Krishna is the 8th incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The Holy book of the Hindhu Religion SrimadBhagavad Geetha was the words of Lord Sri Krishna. Sri Krishna is a symbol for love, Knowledge, Purity, Supreme and many more. There are number of Sri krishna temples in India. Among them Udupi Sri Krishna temple in special and very Famous. This temple is Located in Arabian sea coastal line, Karnataka state and it is one of the important pilgrimage sites in South India. Udupi is commonly referred to as Mathura of South India. Lord Krishna is worshipped in the child form known as Balkrishna. Lord Sri Krishna Temple and mutt was set up by Madhvacharya Famous Vaishnava Saint and Philosoper in the 13th century. In this temple, the idol of Lord Krishna is not seen directly, but through a nine-holed window called Navagraha Kitiki. Check more about the Udupi Krishna Temple Story of Mystic and Miracles below.

Sri Krishnashtami Pooja procedure & Arghya vidhana

As per Temple History, once Kanakadasa, a devotee of Lord Krishna and KArnatic Music Composer at 15th Century was not allowed to enter the temple because of low caste. But Kanakadasa kept praying to Lord Krishna outside the temple itself. Lord Krishna got impressed by his devotion and the idol turned west to face Kanakadasa and a small hole was formed on the wall so that Kanakadasa can get a glimpse of Lord Krishna. This place is known as Kanakana kindi (window of Kanaka).

Udupi Sri Krishna Temple Kanakana Kindi

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The history of Sri Krishna temple, Udupi:

Lord Krishna’s biological mother Devaki could not experience his son’s childhood. She expressed her desire to see Krishna as a kid in Dwaraka. Lord Krishna took the form of a child again and played with her, performed his childhood things. Lord Krishna’s wife Rukmini witnessed this and fell in love with Bala Krishna. Rukmini asked the famous architect Vishwakarma to make an idol of Balakrishna. He created the idol of Balakrishna using Saligramam stone. Rukmini used to worship this idol every day. But once Lord Krishna left this world, Arjuna cremated his body and buried the idol in Rukmini Vanam. Then a large flood took away the place and the idol along with the Dwaraka city.

In the 13th century, a ship was caught in a storm. The sailor once found a scented rock and kept that rock in the ship. Jagadguru Madhvacharya was present on the beach of Udupi and saw the ship. He brought the ship to shore using his angavasthram. The captain of the ship asked Madhvacharya to take anything from his ship. Acharya Madhwa chose the rock as his gift.

As they are transporting the rock, a few chips fell from the rock to reveal the Saligrama idol of Bala Krishna. Jagadguru Sri Anandatirtharu removed cleaned the idol and bathed it and performed rituals for the idol in Madhva Sarovara. Thus Madhvacharya is called the founder of the Sri Krishna temple in Udupi.

Madhva Sarovara – Udupi Sri Krishna Temple


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