2022 Diwali Surya Grahan Date and Time Puja Tithi

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Although solar and lunar eclipses are astronomical phenomena, their implications for astrology have also been considered. As a result, there is a wealth of knowledge in astrology regarding eclipse-related precautions, guidelines, the Sutak period, etc. There will be a solar eclipse in the year 2022 between Deepawali and Govardhan Puja. Both of these holidays are very joyfully observed in the Sanatan Dharma. In this instance, people are curious about a number of things due to the solar eclipse that occurs between these two festivals.

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2022 Diwali Surya Grahan Date and Time Puja Tithi

  • The dates for this year’s Kartik Amavasya Tithi are October 24, 2022, at 5:29:35 PM, and October 25, 2022, at 4:20:38 PM.
  • Diwali will therefore be observed on October 24.
  • The solar eclipse will take place the following day, October 25, at the same hour.
  • Therefore, it won’t affect how Diwali is observed in any manner.
  • The eclipse will occur on October 25 at 4:29 p.m. Indian time and last till 5:24 p.m.
  • But the solar eclipse won’t be seen in India.

Will the solar eclipse in India have any consequences?

Although the October 25 solar eclipse may only be partially visible in India, astrologers believe it will have the same impact everywhere else. In this situation, it is crucial to exercise caution during the eclipse and the Sutak time.

What can you do to keep secure while a solar eclipse is occurring?

There will still be work to be done in terms of worship when the Sutak season begins. But during the eclipse, it is lucky to perform kirtana, sing mantras quietly, and meditate on God. The doors of the temple must be closed during the eclipse. However, it is considered impolite to consume food, liquids, or rest during this period. Tulsi leaves should be added to any cuisine you prepare at home before eating them.

What should one do after the eclipse?

These individuals assert that it is crucial to clean up after an eclipse. Clean your temple and sprinkle Gangajal throughout your home once the solar eclipse is ended. In addition, one ought to take a bath. After the eclipse, people believe that bathing in the river and making donations are highly auspicious.


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