2024 Sabarimala Makaravilakku Darshan Booking

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Sabarimala is the location of the yearly celebration known as Makaravilakku, which is held and celebrated there. On the day of Makara Sankranti, this is a celebration that takes place. Makaram is a star, and the term “Vilakku” implies a lamp; hence, on this day, one has the opportunity to view a tremendous amount of light. The event in question is known as Makaravilakku. One of the highlights of this event is the magnificent procession of Thiruvabharanam, which consists of the holy ornaments of Lord Ayyappa. See below to get the details about the 2024 Sabarimala Makaravilakku Darshan Booking

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2024 Sabarimala Makaravilakku Darshan Booking

When is the Sabarimala Makaravilakku performed in the year 2024?

In the year 2024, Sabarimala Makaravilakku will be performed on Monday, 15 January 2024.

A Brahminy kite or a Krishna parunthu may also be seen flying above the procession, giving the appearance that it is keeping a close eye on the priceless stones. This is another possibility. This is where the parade starts, at the Pandalam Palace. It is of the utmost importance to bear in mind that Makara Jyothi is the Sirius Star, and as such, it ought to be seen as a natural event.

The Makaravilakku light comes from the people who follow him. His followers are the source of the light. This magnificent event would attract a large number of people from all around the world, and they would all be interested in learning more about it. Their participation would be widespread.

Sabarimala Makaravilakku Darshan Booking:

  • It has become mandatory to book the Sabarimala darshan tickets online.
  • Spot booking is also available but in limited places.
  • Devotees visiting the Sabarimala temple can book the tickets from the Sabarimala Temple’s official website.
  • Sabarimala darshan ticket price starts from Rs 25.

2024 Sabarimala Makaravilakku Darshan Booking

What is the importance of the Sabarimala Makaravilakku?

In the past, the indigenous people who lived in the dense forest had a number of customs that included the use of the holy light. The rituals were carried out with a great deal of pomp and ceremony around them. In the years that followed, the Devaswom Board of Kerala continued to pursue this particular line of action.

It is forbidden for members of the general public to attend the performance, which is being held in a temple in an area that is referred to as “Ponnambalamedu.” One of the most common beliefs is that the great Mystic, who is also referred to as “Sasta,” is all-encompassing and sensitive to the voices of people who are marginalized and unable to be heard. It is a widely held notion that a person who witnesses the Makaravilakku will undergo a transformation that is beneficial to their life.

2024 Sabarimala Makaravilakku Darshan Booking

Darshan benefits of the Sabarimala Makaravilakku:

Ayyappa worshipers may be found in every region of the globe; however, the Sabarimala temple in Kerala is often regarded as the most important shrine that is devoted to the deity in its entirety. An individual is required to go through a series of severe sacrificial practices in order to embark on the trip to this temple, which calls for a significant amount of commitment.

A significant number of people have said that they have had miraculous events in their lives as a result of their journey to Sabarimala. Over the course of the Mandala, which lasts for forty-one days, people pray and refrain from engaging in a significant amount of activities that are considered to be filthy and profane.

In order to achieve spiritual concentration, it is helpful to the body, mind, and soul to concentrate and focus on a single thing. This is because it allows one to concentrate on a single thing.






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