2024 Tirumala May Rs 300 Special Darshan Tickets Release Dates

Know the details about 2024 Tirumala May Rs 300 Special Darshan Tickets Release Dates, Tirumala 2024 Rs 300 special darshan ticket May month release dates

A Hindu temple known as the Sri Venkateswara Swami Temple may be seen in the hill town of Tirumala, which is located in Tirupati, in the Tirupati district of Andhra Pradesh, India. According to legend, Venkateswara, a manifestation of Vishnu, descended to earth to deliver humanity from the hardships and tribulations brought about by the Kali Yuga. See below to get the details about the 2024 Tirumala May Rs 300 Special Darshan Tickets Release Dates

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2024 Tirumala May Rs 300 Special Darshan Tickets Release Dates

2024 Tirumala May Rs300 special Darshan tickets will be released in the month of February 2024.

An organization known as the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD) is in charge of the management and supervision of the Tirumala Venkateswara Temple. This organization is the trust board that is responsible for the temple’s operations. In 1951, there were only five trustees sitting on the board; however, in 2015, there were eighteen trustees serving on the board.

This increase is a direct consequence of the passage of Acts. The task of managing the TTD’s day-to-day operations and administration falls under the purview of a chosen individual by the Andhra Pradesh government. This individual is referred to as an executive officer.

2024 Tirumala May Rs 300 Special Darshan Tickets Release Dates

According to estimates, 75,000 pilgrims visit the shrine each and every day. The funding for charitable trusts comes from contributions made by devotees as well as the yearly budget, which is projected to amount to INR 2530.10 crores for the fiscal year 2015-16. The annually created budget is in charge of these trusts. According to projections, the annual income in 2008 was estimated to be 10 billion Indian rupees.

SriVari Hundi is responsible for the processing of donations, which account for the bulk of the organization’s income. There are millions of rupees worth of contributions that come from devotees, and the TTD is the recipient of these collections. TTD, the institution that is accountable for the well-being of the temple, is in charge of managing a variety of charitable trusts. Financial support for these trusts comes not just from the government budget but also from donations made by followers.

2024 Tirumala May Rs 300 Special Darshan Tickets Release Dates

When it comes to darshan tickets for Tirupati, the Specia Entry Darshan is the most popular and in-demand option. In order to schedule this darshan, there are no counters that are located offline. Tickets may only be purchased online, and reservations must be made at least two to three months in advance. In the course of each month, the booking slots for the subsequent months become available on a certain day, and they are filled in a matter of minutes.

With one complimentary laddoo, the exclusive admission darshan is available to pilgrims at a cost of Rs 300 per person. In addition to Indian Post Offices, you may make reservations in advance by visiting the website (https://tirupatibalaji.ap.gov.in). Additionally, you may monitor the official Twitter account of Tirupati for frequent information about the availability of the booking slot.

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