Asal No 28 Pambu Panchangam Tamil 2023-2024 PDF Online Access

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Panchangam is a holy book in Indian Culture and Heritage. This Panchangam is a book that gives complete information about planetary computations and additional astrological occurrences. This Panchanaga is popularly known as Hindu Calendar. For every Indian who adheres to Hindu customs and culture, Panchang is the most significant and needed book. With this Panchangam, we can check the daily planetary positions, noteworthy occasions, festival Information, eclipse timings, Ceremony or Function muhurtas, and many other things.

Asal No 28 Pambu Panchangam Tamil 2023-2024 PDF Online Access

Every Year, the Publishers of this Calendar release the new Panchangam before Ugadi day. In Tamil Language, Ugadi means “Puthandu”. This Pambu Panchangam is available in all Publication stores and stationery Stores in Tamil Nadu. In Tamil, this Pambu Panchangam is also Known as Pmpu Packam. Panchangam is a book that contains information about the tithi and muhurtham. Panchangam is the only book followed by Indians worldwide to celebrate festivals and other information. There Panchangam can be varied by different authors and different publications in different states. Normally, Panchangam has two types, One Suryasiddhantha Panchanagam and the Second one is Chandramana Chandra Siddantha Panchangam. All Tamilians follow Souramana Surya Siddantha Panchangam.

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This Pambu Pamchangam is the very oldest and very famous in Tamil State. This Panchanagam is also published every year under the name of Asal No. 28, the “Year Name” means “Shobhakruth Panchangam”. The Cover Page of this Panchangam has a snake symbol. We can see the Moon Symbol also on the Cover page of Panchangam and 27 tiny circles with the snake‚Äôs image. These 27 tiny Circle represents 27 days of the Moon revolution and 27 Nakhatram.

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Normally, This panchangam is designed in the Sanskrit language. But the different authors from different Indian states publish the panchangam in the Local different Languages. The term panchanga means Pancha and Anga are combined to create it. Pancha denotes five, while Anga refers to limbs (parts). The five-time organs are referred to as panchanga. There are five traits that apply to all instances of time. Nakshatram, Tithi, Vara, Karana, and Yoga. An annual almanac called Panchanga lists these five characteristics for each day of the year. These qualities are a result of the Sun’s and Moon’s locations. When utilized by regular people, panchanga is used to determine the dates of Yajnas, Yagas, Vratas, and Shraddhas, find Muhurtas, and identify auspicious and unauspicious times.

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This Pambu Panchangam is the Widely used, Most famous, and highly circulated panchangam in Tamil Nadu. Around more than 3,00,000+ copies are printed and made available for sale every year. This panchangam contains complete precision in astrological predictions and the best explanation of all the planets, Eclipse, and other details in detail. This Pambu Panchangam Contains complete information about the Current year 2023. Tamil Panchangam 2023 displays the muhurtham timings and other information like Planting the seeds, New Vehicle Purchases, New House Warming, Marriage and Upanayanam details, and More. Also, this Panchangam contains all Temples Festival Information and Tamil festivals like pradosham, Sankata Chathurthi, Ekadashi, Kanda Shasti, and more. A printed Copy of this Pambu Panchangam is widely available at all stationary stores in Tamil Nadu. The Present, PDF Version of Pambu Panchangam is Not Yet published. Once it is available we’ll update here.





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