Rahu Kalam Timings Today

See below for Rahu Kalam Timings Today in Telugu, Rahu Kalam Importance, History, Do’s and Don’ts in Rahu Kalam Time, and Rahu Kalam Rituals.

What is Rahu Kalam?

According to Hindu mythology, our elders and scholars say that no auspicious deeds should be done during Rahu. This time is considered an inauspicious time. That is why you should not travel during this period. They should not start a business, do welfare programs and do new things.

Scholars say that the influence of Rahu is very high during the Rahu Kalam. This planet is considered to be more affected by negative energy during this period. That is why no auspicious deeds are done during this period. No matter how important the task is, it gets postponed.

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Do’s and Dont’s in Rahu Kalam

  • Do not buy valuable things during the Rahu Kalam
  • Do not travel at all during this Time
  • House buying, selling, house opening, and buying jewelry should not be done during the Rahu Kalam
  • Do not start new work during the Rahu Kalam.
  • Do not do engagement, marriage, or any other important work during the Rahu Kalam.

Rahu Kalam is thought to be a bad luck time. Rahu Kalam talks about the times of the day that are inauspicious for starting new and important things, like a wedding, housewarming, opening, trip, sale, interview, or business. Rahu Kaal happens at different times every day and lasts for 90 minutes. During the “Samudra Manthan,” Lord Vishnu tricked the demons into giving him the “nectar of immortality” (Amrit). At the same time, a demon named Swarbhanu saw Lord Vishnu’s trap and pretended to be the god. Even though one of the three gods, Vishnu, saw him and cut off his head, he still got a few drops of nectar and became immortal.

After what happened, the demon’s head was called “Rahu,” and the rest of its body was called “Ketu.” Rahu has nobody, so it is thought of as a shadow entity that is always wanting more and more. Rahu can also swallow the sun, which can lead to a solar eclipse.

Rahu Kalam Timings Today

To figure out Rahu Kaal, divide the number of hours between the astrological sunrise and sunset by 8. For example, Rahu kalam is 1.5 hours or 90 minutes on a typical day that goes from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM (12 hours divided by 8).

Day Timings
Sunday 04.30 PM to 06 PM
Monday 07.30 AM to 09 AM
Tuesday 03 PM to 04.30 PM
Wednesday 12 PM to 01.30 PM
Thursday 01.30 PM to 03 PM
Friday 10.30 AM to 12 PM
Saturday 09 AM to 10.30 AM

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