Atla Taddi Atlu Dosa Recipe Preparation for Puja Telugu

See below for the method of Atlu Preparation, Recipe Ingredients, Atla Taddi Atlu Dosa Recipe Preparation for Puja Telugu Food, and Nomu Special Food.

About Atla Taddi Festival

Atla Thaddi is a festival performed by unmarried young women on the day of Ashvayuja Bala Tadiya. A festival especially celebrated by women. Another name for this is Uyyala Festival and Gorintaku Festival. Narada, a wanderer of three worlds, learned that Krita was determined to get Gauri Devi as Shiva’s husband. Narada advised her to do the Atlataddi Vrata to get her to wish. Atlathaddi is the vow performed by Goddess Parvati at his instigation. This is a vrata performed by women for good luck. This is the ritual that must be performed if the child wants to get Padachuvan as his wife.

Atla Taddi or Atla Tadiya is one of the important festivals of Telugu people. It is celebrated on the day of Asvayuja Bala Tadiya. It is customary to give music to relatives, neighbors, and neighbors by saying “Atlatatdde Aratlu Muddappu Moodatlu”. In the evening, after completing the offerings, they go to Gopuja, from there they leave lamps in the ponds and canals and swing swings on the trees.

As it is the cause of rosacea, it keeps the menstrual cycle proper and prevents menstrual problems. So there is no problem in pregnancy. Millet flour and rice flour are mixed to make dough. Millet is related to Rahu and rice is related to Moon. In order to get rid of pregnancy defects, this should be given as Vayana. It also helps to prevent miscarriage and have a smooth delivery. That is why they are given as Vayana to the elders. So much medical knowledge is stored in the ‘Atla’ of Atlataddi. The festival of Atlataddi is celebrated as ‘Karva Chauth’ in North India.

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Atla Taddi Atlu Dosa Recipe Preparation for Puja Telugu

Atlatadde is one of the wonderful and joyful festivals celebrated widely in the Telugu States. This is the festival for Women and Children. The main Recipe in this Atla taddi Puja is Dosa (Atlu). See below for Atlu Preparation.

Needed Ingredients for Atla Taddi Atlu Dosa

  • 3 glasses of rice flour (Biyyapu Pindi)
  • 1 glass of urad dal (Uddipappu)
  • 1/2 teaspoon – Fenugreek (Menthulu)
  • 250 grams – Cow Ghee (Aavu Neyyi)
  • Salt (Uppu taginantha)

Atla Taddi Atlu Dosa Food Preparation:

  • Soak urad dal and Rice in Water for min 03 hrs, Soak the fenugreek seeds along with Rice.
  • After Soaking well, Grind all three ingredients Rice, urad Dhal, and fenugreek seeds gently.
  • Add salt to the flour mixture (Add pepper powder if you need)
  • Add Dry Rice flour an hour before grinding wet flour.
  • Then Prepare Atlu (Dosa) with cow ghee, don’t use oil to cook dosa.
  • Then do Atlu naivedhyam to goddesses gowri Devi.



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