Dhanurmasam 2022 Start and End Date

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What is meant by Dhanurmasam 2022?

Dhanurmas, also called Dhanur Masa, is also called Chapa Mas, Kodanda Mas, Karmuka Mas, and many other names. Dhanurmasa is also called Shoonya Masa because it is thought to be bad luck to do anything good that isn’t related to God or the holy.

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Dhanurmasam 2022 Start and End Date

Dhanurmasam starts on December 16, 2022, and ends on January 14, 2023.

This time period ends with Makar Sankranti. In the Hindu lunar calendar, dakshinayana usually ends in the Pausha month. The Sun moving into the Dhanur Rasi, which is called Dhanuh Sankramana, is a better way to mark the beginning of the Dhanurmas. During this month, the sun moves through Dhanur Rasi. At the end of this month, it moves into Makara Rasi. In the Hindu calendar, Dhanur Mas is not a separate (lunar) month. Instead, it is a solar month.

What It Means and How It Got Its Name Dhanurmasam?

People who worship Vishnu think this time of the month is very lucky. This month is set aside for devotional activities that have nothing to do with old Hindu scriptures. During this month, you can’t get married, buy a house, or do other things that aren’t related to worshipping God. This is so that you can focus on worshipping God without being distracted by other things. During Dhanur Mas, thousands of people go to South India, especially for the Vaikunta Ekadasi. During this time, special pujas are held in temples. When the sun moves from Sagittarius to Capricorn, it is seen in India as a time when there is plenty of food.

During the month of Dhanurmas, it is said that the Gods wake up early in the morning. During the lucky time of “Brahm Muhurta,” which is an hour and a half before sunrise, they say special prayers to Sri Maha Vishnu. During this month, people who love the Lord pray to him first thing in the morning. People think of the month of Dhanurmas as a very special time to do Puja of Vishnu. Dhanurmasam is the last month when the Gods’ night ends, or when it is Brahma Muhurtham time for the Gods. So it is considered lucky to worship God at this time. So, devotees would think of the month of Dhanurmasa as the sacred and lucky Brahma Muhurat time for Gods.

It is thought to be very lucky to read the Vishnu Sahasranamam. In Tirumala, Suprabhatam is replaced by Tiruppavai.


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