Yamaganda Kala Timings Today

See below for Yamaganda Kala Timings Today, and Yamaganda Kaal Timings for not doing any auspicious work.

Yamaganda Kala is one of the Inauspicious times in the day. It is clearly mentioned in Indian Hindhu Mythology. As per Sanathana Dharma, A day has 24 hours, which is divided into 3 parts 8 hours each. One part of the 8 hours is Satva Kala (Auspicious Time), which is used only for Meditation, Pooja, and Divine work. The second 8 hours are Rajo Kala (Medium Time), Which is used for daily working activities. The last 8 hours are Thamo kaala (In Auspicious Time), Which is used for only Sleep. Here Yamaganda Kala comes in Between Satva Kala and Rajo Kala Time. Yamaganda Kala falls between Sunrise Time to Sunset Time Only.

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Yamaganda Kala also lasts for one and a half hours daily. Sunday 12 noon to 1-30 pm. The rest of the days will be at different times. This is a good time to finish any work. This time is also known as the “time of death”. During this time, the dead body is cremated, celebrated, and mourned. Do not do any auspicious work during this time. No negotiation, money transaction, or purchase should be done during this time. If you try to do it, it will not be successful, and it will also end in the same way.

As per Shastra, doing regular activities at this time is not a problem, But doing any important work, Auspicious works, or Special works are not recommended at this time.

Yamaganda Kala Timings Today

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Day Timings
Sunday 12 PM to 01.30 PM
Monday 10.30 AM to 12 PM
Tuesday 09 AM to 10.30 AM
Wednesday 07.30 AM to 09 AM
Thursday 06 AM to 07.30 AM
Friday 03 PM to 04.30 PM
Saturday 01.30 PM to 03 PM

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