Dhanurmasam Puja Vidhanam at Home Pooja Items List Telugu

See below for the Dhanurmasam Puja Vidhanam at Home Pooja Items List Telugu, Dhanurmasam 2022 Start and End Date, Vishnu Pooja Details at Home Here.

Dhanurmasam is a Special month in the Telugu Calendar. As per Sanathana Dharma, Dhanurmasam falls between Marghasira Masam and Pushya Masam. This Dhanurmasa also Popularly known as Shoonya Masam. Most of the People will not perform any new events like Marriages, Upanayanam, Gruhapravesham (House Warming), and Other Things this Month. People believe that this is not Auspicious for Good Events. But, As per Purana and Shastra, Dhanurmasam is a pretty auspicious month for sadhana.

This Dhanurmasam is dedicated to Lord Maha Vishnu. In this Dhanurmasam, all Vishnu Temples are decorated beautifully and perform many special poojas. Especially, Devotees chant Sri Vishnu Sahasranama Stotram and Tirupavvai in this month. Many Vishnu Temples do not perform Suprabhatham in this Dhanurmasam. Also, This month is dedicated to the Tiruppavai Pashura Patanam and Goda Kalyanam. Almost all Vishnu Temple Perform Goda Kalyanam on the Last day of Dhanurmasam.

Doing Upavasam on Dhanurmasam Ekadashi and Performing Satyanarayana Vratham on Pournami are very special events and Pooja on this Month. Also, devotees Perform Sri Vishnu Sahasranama Homam this Month. Many Temples allow performing special pooja and Homa Havana during this special Month.

As per Sanathana Dharma, Every Month has nimayaka with one Bhagavad roopa, For this Dhanurmasam, Sri Kodanda Rama is the Masa Niyamaka. Performing Lord Vishnu Pooja is very Important in This Month.

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Dhanurmasam Puja Vidhanam at Home Pooja Items List Telugu

  • As regular pooja, Dhanurmasam pooja also will be same. But, in this dhanurmasam, Devotees would get up early in the Brahmi Muhurtha Kalam.
  • Performing Snana and Pooja in Brahmi Muhurtham gives Ashwa Medha Phalam in the Dhanurmasam.
  • Offering Tulasi, Flowers to Lord Vishnu gives very good result. No other new pooja items wiil be added in this Dhanurmasam Pooja.
  • Mainly, Offering Pongal as Prasadam as very important to Lord Vishnu after Pooja. And Having food as Prasadam also be part of Dhanurmasam pooja.

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