Thai Masam 2023 Krithigai Date Timings Pooja Tamil State

See below for the Thai Masam 2023 Krithigai Date Timings Pooja Tamil State, 2023 Thai Krithigai Date Tamil Calendar Timings Pooja Tithi Celebrations procedure here.

Hindu astrology regards Krithigai as a star. The day that this star appears in the Tamil month of Thai is observed as Krithigai Pooja. The followers of Lord Muruga or Skanda regard it as extremely auspicious. The Karthigai women took care of Lord Muruga when he was born as six newborns. In appreciation for their service, Lord Shiva granted them the title of stars. Every month, Krithigai occurs, but Aadi Krithigai (July–August) and Thai Krithigai (Jan–Feb) are particularly noteworthy since they occur at the beginning of Uttarayana (the sun’s northward movement) and Dakshinayana Punyakalam, respectively (a sacred time when the sun moves southward).

Devotees of Lord Muruga or Skanda regard the Karthigai, or Krithigai Nakshatra, in the Tamil month of Thai as being extremely auspicious. January 30th, 2023, is Thai Karthigai Day. The Karthigai Nakshatram day is regarded favorably because it falls on the Kirthigai Nakshatra, or natal star, which is linked to Lord Muruga or Subrahmanya. Skanda followers hold special pujas and fast on Thai Karthigai day.

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The Thai Krithigai’s Origins:

  • The Karthigai Nakshatra was present when Lord Muruga was born (star). According to the Skanda Purana, Lord Muruga was created from Lord Shiva’s third eye as six flames. The six Flames of Lord Muruga were carried to the Saravana Poigai by Agni, the god of fire, and Vayu deva, the deity of wind (pond). The six infants that were born from the Lotus flowers in Saravana Poigai were cared for by Kaarthigai Pengal (maidens).
  • It is claimed that Lord Shiva, the father of Lord Muruga, told all of his devotees that if they worshipped Lord Muruga on the special days of Krithigai, their wishes would come true. Worship of Lord Muruga has gained popularity, particularly among Tamils living all over the world.
  • Many followers of Lord Muruga conduct a full or partial fast on this day, carrying milk jugs on their heads and Kavadis on their shoulders as they make their way to the temple.

Thai Masam 2023 Krithigai Date Timings Pooja Tamil State

  1. January 2023’s Karthigai Nakshatra
  2. Mon, January 2, 2023
  3. Time Range: 01:42 to 03:04
  4. Rahu Kalam’s is between 08:12 to 09:35.
  5. (Yamagandam): 10:57 to 12:19

The Thaipusam festival is the most well-known and significant one that is observed in Thai months.

  • January 30 is the scheduled date for Thai Karthigai 2023. The Karthigai Nakshatram day is regarded favorably because Kirthigai is the Nakshatra or natal star associated with Lord Muruga or Subrahmanya. On Thai Karthigai day, adherents of the Skanda religion fast and perform special pujas.
  • Temples dedicated to Lord Muruga are exquisitely ornamented, and traditional musical instruments and melodies are played nonstop.
  • On this day, a special Lord Muruga abhishekam is done using milk, curd, panchamirtham, tender coconut water, sandalwood paste, honey, rose water, and other auspicious ingredients. In some locations, there will also be a parade of Lord Muruga through the temple streets.

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