Dwaraka Tirumala Sevas List Timings Online Booking Process

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If a devotee is unable to make the travel to Tirumala Tirupati for any reason, they may still give donations, tonsures, and other types of gifts at the Dwaraka Tirumala temple for the benefit of Lord Venkateswara, the Lord of Tirumala Tirupati, also known as “Pedda Tirupati.”

Nowadays, the old temple of Dwaraka Tirumala is a popular tourist destination. It is truly incredible to think that a single Vimana Sikharam can act as a dwelling place for not one but two of the most important deities in the universe.

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Dwaraka Tirumala Sevas List Timings Online Booking Process

According to several Puranas, worshipers are still making their way to the temple in the Satya Yuga where we are now living. Before they were married, both Lord Sri Rama’s grandpa and Lord Venkateswara’s grandfather, Aja Maharaja, prayed to Lord Venkateswara, according to the Brahma Purana. In the course of his journey to Indumati’s “Swayamvaram,” he stopped at the temple.

He did not show up for any of the services at the temple at any point. Even though the bride Indumati had adorned him with garlands and he was participating in the Swayamvaram, he was compelled to fight off the visiting kings. He had been on his way when he had passed by the temple, and now he was being forced to engage in battle against an opponent.

As soon as Aja Maharaja had this comprehension, he started praying to the Hindu god Venkateswara. Unpredictably, the monarchs put an end to the fighting and declared a cease-fire in the middle of the conflict. You are only permitted to have one idol at a time because each one is a complete statue. The second piece is a sculpture that only shows the tops of the Lord’s head and shoulders. 

Dwaraka Tirumala Sevas List Timings Online Booking Process and History:

The self-manifested idol that makes up the upper portion of the form was discovered by a wise man who is known by the name “Dwaraka.” They believed that praying to God did not feel complete unless they also worshiped His holy feet, and the ancient saints continued to hold onto this belief.

The Vaikhanasa Agamam suggests that to worship the feet of the Lord, a complete statue should be positioned below the self-manifested idol. The ritual known as Suprabhata Seva begins at four in the morning, and the amount of money that should be given as a gift by each pilgrim is two hundred rupees. 

Attendees of the Astottara Satanam Archana are encouraged to gather at Utsava Murti between the hours of nine in the morning and noon to take part in the ceremony. There is a cost of one hundred rupees to attend the daily Kumkuma puja that is done. Gopuja: the cost of the puja is Rs. 116, and you will get two laddus and one Pulihora without any further expense to you.

Daily Poojas / Sevas in Dwaraka Tirumala Temple:

  • Suprabhata Seva:- On the mornings of the weekend, those who practice devotion can only participate in Suprabhata Seva. Until then, first thing in the morning every weekday at Brahma Murtham. Each admission ticket is priced at Rs.300/-. For nothing get two laddus.
  • Astottara Satanamarchana:- Pooja will take place in Utsava Murtulu, the designated location. This Pooja is performed once a day at noon. The Seegradarsanam has space for a maximum of 2 guests. The length of time is twenty minutes. The cost of a ticket is 300 rupees.
  • Nitya Arjita Kalyanam:- To pay homage to Lord Sri Venkateswara, the Nitya Arjitha Kalyanam is performed daily (at 9:30 in the morning). A charge is required of devotees for them to participate in the Festival of Kalyanam. Kalyanam Nitya Arjitha Rs.1,500/-

On these specific days, Arjita Kalyanam Seva will not be held: Makara Sankranti, Swamy vari Vysakhamasa Kalyanotsavams, Solar Eclipses, Krishnastami, Pavithrotsavams

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