Free Luggage Counter in Tirumala Timings

Know the Latest Update regarding Free Luggage Counter in Tirumala PAC Timings, Lockers in Tirumala, PAC Complex in Tirumala

The Pilgrim Assistance Centers (PACs), which are proving to be a tremendous aid to the pilgrims who were unable to secure housing in Tirumala, particularly on the weekends, provide shelter to an average of 6,000 individuals every day.

Pilgrims may keep their possessions, including their luggage and other stuff, in the supplied lockers, which are offered free of charge. The Pilgrims will each get the key to their own locker. After arriving at any PAC, you will be able to apply for, get, and utilise a free locker to keep your luggage. You are free to utilise any of the center’s facilities, including the restrooms, showers, and other amenities. Only the PAC provides clients with lockers. It will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis, based on the availability of the resource. It is imperative that you do not acquire lockers from parties other than TTD.

“The lockers are currently unavailable for online reservation.”

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Free Luggage Counter in Tirumala Timings | PAC Lockers in Tirumala

  • The PAC Centers are open 24 hours per day, seven days per week.
  • Tirumala has not one, but two PACs. The first one is designated as PAC 1 and is situated next to the Central reception office CRO.
  • The second PAC is located on the road leading to the NGC cottages, also known as PAC 2.
  • Both Tirumala and Tirupati have TTD Free Luggage Deposit Centers for the convenience of travellers. The PACs are a safe place to store all of your belongings.

Location details of PACs:

  • Pilgrims Amenities Centers Tirumala, PAC I is situated next to C.R.O (Central Reception Office Tirumala), whilst PAC II is placed on the route leading to GNC cottage.
  • Tirupati, Srinivasam Complex (Located Directly Across from the Tirupati Bus Station), and Vishnu Nivasam are Pilgrim Convenience Centers (Walkable from Tirupati Railway Station).
  • The PACs are a location where pilgrims may bathe. In addition, hair offerings may be made here.
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