Tirumala Tirupati Devasthan Online Services Timings

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Tirumala is widely regarded as the holiest site for pilgrims to visit anywhere in the globe. Additionally, Venkatachala Hill is the location of some religious rites that are carried out in the name of Lord Venkateswara Swamy. These rites are done in honor of the hill itself. 

Some prayers and offerings, known as poojas and sevas, were made to the deity inside the temple. Some of them are carried out once or twice a day, while others are carried out more often. This board is responsible for the preservation of the temple. 

Tirumala Tirupati Devasthan Online Services Timings

This increase is because the number of devotees has increased.Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams conduct day-to-day Srivari Kainkaryams as per the Vaikhanasa Agamam. Through live broadcasts on the Sri Venkateswara Bhakti Channel, the TTD made it possible for devotees to take part in select Srivari Sevas from the convenience of their own homes while watching the services online. (also known as SVBC).

The enormous number of petitions that were received from the general public on behalf of pilgrims requesting the provision of an option to take part in Srivari Sevas Online was a factor that was taken into account while reaching this conclusion. Make a case to the Followers, saying things like Gruhasthas are obligated to participate in Srivari Seva, which entails dressing in traditional clothing and presenting themselves in front of their television sets in their homes during the Srivari Seva hour that is specified on the receipt.

A great number of things, such as literary works that have been saved in digital format, songs that are connected to Srivari, Annamacharya Keertanas that have been composed in Telugu, prose translations of Epics and Puranas, and so on. Because new information on the activities taking place at the temple will be posted on this website on a consistent basis, the devotees of the temple will have a better grasp of what is going on there. 

Tirumala Tirupati Devasthan Online Services Timings And Details

TTD SEVA ONLINE is an online platform that the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam Board manages and maintains updates in order to give devotees online services. It is also known as ttdsevaonline.com. As a consequence of the social distance measures that have been implemented, the Kalyanotsavam Seva in Tirumala has been brought to a halt.

  • On the other hand, a system that allows involvement via the use of the Internet has been put into place here.
  • It is mandatory for devotees to do the kalyanotsavam seva in the privacy of their own homes before they are allowed to watch Live TV.
  • Within ninety days of the event, exclusive entry darshan will be granted to ticket holders at no extra cost.
  • The kalyanotsavam prasadam will be distributed to devotees through the India Post Parcel service at no additional cost.
  • Both the advancement of social welfare and the dissemination of dharma pracharam were among the goals that the TTD board was striving toward.
  • The Board is responsible for the upkeep of around 250 kalyana mandapams, which are also referred to as marriage halls.
  • These may be found all throughout the country. In the past, contract-based managers were in charge of their upkeep and were liable for it.
  • An online booking system is now accessible for administrative purposes. It has been available for some time now.
  • It is strictly prohibited for anybody who does not identify as a follower of the Hindu religion to make bookings for the marriage venue.
  • Investigate the procedures that must be followed in order to make an online reservation for the TTD Kalyana mandapam.

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