Gudimallam Temple Daily Abhishekam Timings Ticket Price Online

See below for the Gudimallam Temple Daily Abhishekam Timings Ticket Price Online Booking, Gudimallam Parasurama Temple Daily Pooja, and Abhishekam details here.

Lord Shiva is one of the most powerful and worshipped deities in India. Many temples were constructed by so many kings for Lord Shiva. In Andhra Pradesh, near the holy temple city Tirupati, there is a beautiful Shiva Temple with the name of Gudimallam. This Temple is located on the banks of the Suvaranamukhi river and here Lord shiva is the name of Sri Parasurameswara Swamy. This location has a great story. According to legend, Renuka, the mother of Parashuram, was suspected of adultery by her husband, Muni Jamadagni. To behead his mother, the Sage gave the command to Parashurama. When Muni Jamadagni wanted to thank his son Lord Parashurama for doing his father’s bidding, Parashurama asked him to resurrect his mother.

The Gudimallam Shivalingam comprises Brahma as Chitrasena, Vishnu as Parasurama, and Shiva as the lingam. The Linga, which is kept in the temple’s Garbhagriha, is the center of attention there. It has been estimated that this Shiva Linga, which dates to the second or first century BC, is the oldest Shiva Linga to have been found.

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Sri Parashurama Swamy Temple Location:

The village of Gudimallam is close to Papanaidupet Town and about 30 Km from Holy Temple city Tirupati. This Temple is located on the Highway of the Tirupati – Sri Kalahasti expressway. The cab travel time from Tirupati to Guidmallam is 30 minutes. This well-known Shiva temple is also popularly known as the Sri Parasurameswara Swamy Temple.

The Gudimallam Temple, which dates back to the 03rd century BC, is regarded as the earliest Shiva temple so far to have been discovered. The Trinity is thought to be represented by this lingam, which belongs to the Lord Parasurameswara. The temple’s lore links it to Lord Vishnu’s avatar Parasurama.

Gudimallam Temple Daily Abhishekam Timings Ticket Price Online

  • Gudimallam is a small village Located near to Tirupati in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India.
  • Best time of year to travel: Telugu, Hindi, and English
  • Hours of the temple: 08 AM to 08 PM.
  • Photography is not permitted Inside the Temple.
  • Abhishekam Seva will be available to participate with the devotees on special days like Sivaratri and Karthika Masam, the times may change.

The Ticket Price for the Rudrabhishekam seva for the 04 people at Sri Parasurameswara Swamy is Rs 500. Seva will be performed on these days.

  • Monday: 07 AM to 09 AM – Rs 500 Ticket and Abhishekam to Sri Parashurama Swamy.
  • Tuesday: 08 AM to 09.30 AM – Rs 500 rupees for the Sri Valli Devasena Sametha Subramanya Swamy
  • Thursday: 08 AM to 09.30 AM – Rs 500 to Sri Dakshinamurthy
  • Saturday: 10 AM to 02 PM – Rs 500 for Sri Ananda Valli Abhishekam and Kukum Archana
  • Sunday: 08 AM to 09.30 AM – Rs 500 for Abhishekam to Sri Surya Narayana Swamy and Archana Seva Rs 10 per person.



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