How many steps are there in Ahobilam Temple?

Check the article for How many steps are there in Ahobilam Temple as below, Ahobilam is the town near Kurnool. It is in Allagadda Mandal in Andhra Pradesh. It is in between Eastern Ghat Hills and Mountain ranges. It is one of the Holy and sacred Temples of Lord Narasimha Swamy. Narasimha is the avatar of Lord Vishnu. Ahobilam was previously ruled by Vijayanagara Empire and Mughals. Temple in Ahobilam got name and fame in Mughals’ time.

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Info About Ahobilam temple:

Ahobilam is the main town around Nallamala Forest in Kurnool. It is about 400 km from Tamil Nadu state capital Chennai. The temple itself is so large and covers an area of 5 KMs. Ahobilam is the name of the Cava. The temple is manifested in the Cave itself. The waterfalls are the main attraction of Ahobilam too rather than the temple. The temple is open for Darshan from 6 AM to 01 PM and again opens from 5:30 PM to 9 PM. Famous river Bhavanasi is the one that brings Waterfalls to Allagadda. 

Ahobilam is the place where Narasimha killed the demon Hiranyakasipu and saved Prahalada. Mahalakshmi avatar of Senju Lakshmi is the tribal hunter of hills and married Narasimha swamy. Many people are keen to visit the temple. Trekking here is also more fun and adventures in Nallamala Hills. The route is more complex and concrete steps have been built for the temple route.

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Ahobilam Temple Steps Information:

The Jwala Narasimha idol is quite overwhelming with the idol of 8 arms, 2 of them holding Hiranyakashipu on a lap and two arms tearing open its chest, two arms wearing the intestines as a Holy Garland, and the remaining two arms holding Shankha and Chakra. The local Chenchu tribe manages the temple to date as they treat the Lord as their “son-in-law”. The devotees are also allowed to offer meat to Jwala Narasimha Swamy every Saturday and co-incidentally we were there on Saturday. I would recommend spending some time here and exploring the backside of the temple to witness the view of the waterfall and soak in the beautiful Scapes and sounds.

There are around 450 Steps to reach Ahobilam temple in the Walkway for Devotees. IT takes around 3 hours to reach the temple. The footway is filled with waterfalls and the way is quite amazing with the water going through our feet. It is the earliest and the main temple among all the 9 Narasimha Swamy temples.  The experience is quite interesting and everyone must visit the temple. Narasimha Jayanthi festival is celebrated in a grand manner here.

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