Kanchi Varadaraja Temple Timings

Kanchi Varadaraja Temple Timings and Darshan details

The Kanchi Varadaraja Temple is a very famous temple located in the Vishnu Kanchi. This Kanchi Varadaraja Swamy temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. This temple is very beautiful and many pilgrims like to visit the temple. The temple is built in a large place which is built in 25 acres of the land. Varadaraja is a famous king of the Devas. The Kanchi Varadaraja Temple is 108 Divya Desams for the Lord Vishnu. Check below for Kanchi Varadaraja Temple Timings and Darshan details.

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Sri Varadaraja Swamy Temple Darshan Timings:-

The Kanchi Varadaraja Temple was ruled by the legends in the olden days Brahma has performed the Yajna to get purified by himself with the Gayatri and Savitri and the Saraswathi goddess was ignored. As per the request of Lord Brahma, the Vishnu was laid in the reclining position for checking the floods. The temple was built in 1053 AD by the Chola kings.

The temple was built with beautiful arts and sculptures. It is the beauty of the Kanchi Varadaraja Temple that the main deity of Lord Vardaraja is sculpted out of the rock. After this, the wooden idol was damaged a hundred years ago. There is a 100 Pillared Mandapam that comes left after RajaGopuram, which gets the attention of the pilgrims.

This temple has and all types of transport facilities the pilgrims can travel on the roadways, railways, and airways it is based on the pilgrim’s comfort and the cost of the traveling the pilgrims can reach the temple based on the comfort. Many people believe that those who Pray to the Lord Vardaraja and touch the lizards on the way will be relieved from all the chronic and other diseases.

Kanchi Varadaraja Temple Timings:-

The Kanchi Varadaraja Temple opens in the Morning 6 am to 12 pm and evening 4.30 to 8.30 PM these times continue for all the days in the week and for photography it costs Rs.50 and for, video it costs Rs.100 the entry fee for the 100 Pillared mandapam is Rs.5


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