Kanjanur Sukran Temple Opening Closing Timings Today

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Kanjanoor Sukra Bhagavan Temple or Agniswarar Temple is situated in Kanjanur Village, Tiruvidaimarudur Taluk, Thanjavur District, Tamilnadu State. The figure of Sukra can be seen within the temple, which is one of the nine Navagraha temples in Tamil Nadu. See below to get the details about Kanjanur Sukran Temple Opening Closing Timings Today.

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Kanjanur Sukran Temple Opening Closing Timings Today:

Sri Karpagambal Sametha Sri Agneeswarar Temple’s principal deity is Sukra (Venus) temple. However, the most prominent statue at the temple is that of “Agniswarar,” which is another name for Shiva. Sukra is said to be placed in the stomach of the idol of Shiva, which is consistent with the Saivite concept that Shiva may be found everywhere. As a result of the penance that Agni, the god of fire, is said to have performed here for Lord Siva, the deity is often referred to as Agneeswarar.

This temple is going to be the location of the Kalathira Dosha Nivarana Pooja. At this specific spot, Lord Brahma was given the gift of seeing a vision of the marriage of Lord Siva and Goddess Parvathi. The Brahma Linga got its name from the legend that it is claimed that Lord Brahma erected the linga at this location and prayed at it. Sukran does not have his own temple, and according to him, he lives in Lord Siva’s stomach. There is no other place where Sukran is worshipped.

What is the Time of Kanjanur Kovil Temple?

Kanjanur Sukran Temple daily opens in the morning at 06.30 AM and closes at 8.30 PM. Daily a huge crowd of people visits the temple to do the darshan of the main deity. Kanjanur Temple follows the same timings every day. But the opening and closing timings of the temple will be slightly altered during festivals and also during any other events that are organized in the temple. Agneeswarar and Karpagavalli Amman are the names given to Lord Shiva and Parvati when they are worshipped at Kanjanur.

Due to the fact that Lord Shiva is worshipped in his own right as Sukran, there is no distinct temple dedicated to the Navagraha known as Sukra. Lord Sukra is represented by the principal deity, Agneeswarar, who takes the shape of a lingam at this temple. This is in contrast to the other Navagraha temples. Kanjanur Sukran Temple Opening Closing Timings Today.

During the Abishekam ritual, oil is poured over the Linga of Agneeswarar, and the Linga is designed in such a way that it soaks up the whole quantity of oil. There are many other names for the Agneeswarar temple, including Palaasavanam, Bhrammapuri, and Agnistalam. The Tevara Stalam known as Kanjanur may be found in Chola Nadu, to the north of the Kaveri River. It is regarded as the 36th in the sequence of Tevara Stalams.

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