Kashi Vishwanath Temple Online Live Darshan Booking

Know the details and update how to book Kashi Vishwanath Temple Online Live Darshan Booking, Kashi Temple Address, and Live darshan Telecast here.

Kashi Vishwanath Temple Online Live Darshan Booking

Sri Kashi Vishvanath Temple is one of the most famous and well-known temples in the world. This holiest Shiva temple is located on the bank of the most famous holy river Ganga. As per Purana and Sanathana Dharma, Kashi is one of the most sacred and holy places in Saptha Kshetra(7 Places). As per sastra, doing rituals for ancestors (Pithru Karya) in Kashi will give moksha to them. The temple is taken into consideration as a significant part of worship withinside the Shaiva subculture through Hindu scriptures. Since 1983, the temple has been controlled by the authorities of Uttar Pradesh.

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As per Shiva Purana, Lord Chathurmukha Brahma (God of Creation) and Lord Vishnu (God of Preservation) had a controversy over superiority and they want to decide. To take a look at them, Shiva took an avatar as Long Jyotirlinga (massive limitless pillar of light) To decide who became mightier Vishnu took the shape of a boar and sought out the lowest whilst Brahma took the shape of a swan to fly to the pillar’s top. Brahma out of vanity lied that he had located out the end, supplying a katuki flower as a witness. Vishnu modestly confessed to being not able to locate the lowest. Shiva then took the shape of the wrathful Bhairava, reduced off Brahma’s mendacity 5th head, and cursed Brahma that he could now no longer be worshipped. Vishnu for his honesty could be worshiped as the same Shiva together along with his personal temples for all eternity.

In Kashi temple, Ghats at River Ganga are the most important and famous. Among all ghats, The Manikarnika Ghat is very close to the Kashi Vishwanath Temple. Sri Durga Devi is in the form of Vishalakshi and Annapurna in Kashi Temple. Doing Annadanam and other rituals in the Kashi temple will give more benefits in life.

Sri Varanasi Kashi Vishvanath Temple Address:

  • Sri Vishwanath Temple,
    Vishwanath Gali,
    Uttar Pradesh -221 001.
    Temple Phone No.: 0542- 2392629
    Office Phone No.: 0542- 2390550

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