Krishna Janmashtami 2023 Iskcon Date and Pooja Timings

See below for the Krishna Janmashtami 2023 Iskcon Date and Pooja Timings, Janmashtami 2023 Date in India Calendar Iskcon Timings Pooja, and Celebration Procedure Here.

People who fast on Janmashtami should only eat one meal a day before the holiday. On the day of fasting, followers make a promise to fast for a whole day and break their fast the next day, when Rohini Nakshatra and Ashtami Tithi are over. Some followers end their fast when Rohini Nakshatra or Ashtami Tithi is over. After the morning pooja, and rituals are done, you take Sankalpa and start fasting for the day.

The Vedic way of telling time says that Krishna Puja should be done at Nishita Kaal, which is midnight. Devotees do a long, complicated practice called Puja at midnight. It has sixteen steps and is called Shodashopachara Puja Vidhi. Let’s see below for the Krishna Janmashtami 2023 Iskcon Date and Pooja Timings.

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Krishna Janmashtami 2023 Iskcon Date and Pooja Timings and Fasting Details:

During the Janmashtami fast, you shouldn’t eat any carbs until the next morning after sunrise, when the fast is broken. When you fast on Janmashtami, you should follow the same rules as when you fast on Ekadashi. Breaking the fast, or “parana,” should be done at the right time. For Krishna Janmashtami fasting, Parana is done on the next day after sunrise, after Ashtami Tithi and Rohini Nakshatra are over.

If Ashtami Tithi and Rohini Nakshatra don’t end before sunset, the fast can be broken during the day when either Ashtami Tithi or Rohini Nakshatra ends. When neither Ashtami Tithi nor Rohini Nakshatra ends before sunset or Hindu midnight (also called Nishita Time), you should wait until they do before breaking your fast.

Krishna Janmashtami is a Hindu holiday that honors Vishnu’s eighth incarnation, Krishna. It is one of the most important Hindu holidays, and people all over India and the rest of the world enjoy it in a big way.

Krishna Janmashtami 2023 Iskcon Date and Pooja Timings and Details:

Krishna Janmashtami will be on September 7, 2023, which is a Thursday. On the evening of September 6, a gathering called Aarati marks the start of the holiday. During Aarati, people who love Krishna sing songs and prayers to him and give him flowers, fruits, and sweets as gifts.

The Puja, a ceremony that celebrates Krishna’s birth, is the most important part of Krishna Janmashtami. The Puja is done in shrines and homes all over India. Usually, the following steps are done:

  • Sanctification of the Puja space: Pure water and prayers are used to make the Puja area pure.
  • Invoking the gods: The gods of Krishna and his wife Radha are called upon.
  • Prayers and gifts: People who love Krishna say prayers and give him gifts like flowers, fruits, and sweets.
  • Mantra or Stotra: The Scared texts or Mantra would be chanted at the time of pooja vidhanam, and stories from the life of Krishna should be chanted.
  • Aarti: Aarti, a tradition in which lamps are waved and prayers are chanted, is done.
  • Distribution of Prasadam: Devotees are given Prasadam, which is a gift that has been blessed.

On Krishna Janmashtami, people party and have fun. It’s a time to remember how silly and naughty Krishna was and to think about what he taught about love, kindness, and dedication.

The Hare Krishna movement, which is also known as the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), celebrates Krishna Janmashtami with a lot of joy. In ISKCON Temples all over the world, special events and programs are held to mark the day. Most of the time, the following are part of these programs:

  • Puja: A big Puja is done, and thousands of people come to see it.
  • Kirtan: Kirtan is a type of spiritual singing that is done all night long.
  • Bhajans: Devotional songs called Bhajans are played.
  • There are plays that are based on the life of Krishna.
  • Food is given to followers in the form of Prasadam.

On ISKCON Janmashtami, people who love Krishna get together to show how much they love him. It is a time to soak up the spiritual environment of the temple and feel the happiness of Krishna awareness.

The Nishita Puja on the time of Krishna Janmashtami:

On the night of Krishna Janmashtami, a special Puja called the Nishita Puja is done. People think that the Nishita Puja is the best time to pray to Krishna because it is when he was born. Most of the time, the Nishita Puja is done between midnight and one in the morning. Mantras and prayers are said at the start of the Puja. The gods of Krishna and Radha are then given a bath and new clothes. Last, flowers, fruit, and sweets are given to the gods as gifts. The Nishita Puja is a time for people who love Krishna to pray and show their dedication to him. Now is the time to ask for his help and gifts.

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