Magha Purnima Pooja Vidhanam Vratam Process Puja Procedure

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The Hindu faith places a significant emphasis on the celebration of Maghamasam, which takes place throughout the Telugu months. Throughout the whole of this month, devotees of Lord Vishnu pray to him. In a similar vein, the name for the full moon that occurs throughout this blessed month is Magha Poornami. This month’s full moon, known in Hinduism as Magha, has a unique importance.

However, believers believe that worshipping Lord Vishnu on this day of the full moon in the month of Magha and taking a holy bath in one of the sacred rivers would bring them all the riches in the world. When exactly will the Magha full moon occur? In this place, please tell us how to worship the Lord on the day of the full moon.

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Magha Purnima Pooja Vidhanam Vratam Process Puja Procedure

Tithi, which occurs during the full moon, is revered as a holy day by Hindus. Every month, the tithi for the full moon occurs in the final few days of the Shukla paksha. In a similar fashion, the first day of the next month is on the following day. Nevertheless, this year’s celebration of Magha Poornima will take place on 05th February 2023 this year.

On the day of Magha Poornami, devotees rise before dawn to take a holy bath in one of the sacred rivers, such as the Ganges, or in one of the many flowing canals. On the other hand, the full moon will begin on Sunday This year 04 February night at 08:49 pm and will last until Sunday 05 February upto 11:46 pm. As a result, the moon will be completely full when the 05th Feb morning begins. Bathing is an extremely healthy activity. It is stated that one may attain salvation by washing in the Ganges on the day of the Magha full moon and also by doing acts of charitable giving.

Magha Purnima Pooja Vidhanam Vratam Process Puja Procedure in Detail:

  • According to the Puranas, on the day of a full moon, gaining enormous merit by taking a bath at one of the sacred cities of Kashi, Haridwar, or Prayaga is possible.
  • It is a common belief that Lord Vishnu would get good fortune and all of the riches in the world if he takes a dip in the Ganga on the day when the Magha full moon occurs.
  • In the same manner, followers observe fast initiations and offer homage to Lord Vishnu on the day of the full moon. Devotees also carry out extensive acts of worship in the name of Satyanarayana Swamy Vrata when the moon is in its full phase.
  • Waking up in the early morning and having the holy bath at any nearest rivers, ponds, wells, or at home.
  • Wearing Dry clothes and perform the lamp lighting at the place of Devamandiram (Puja Room) and Start doing the Vishnu Pooja or Shiva Pooja as per the system.
  • Doing the Kula devatha pooja is the Mandatory
  • Offering the Arghya Pradana to Lord Surya Narayana Swamy is the most important after-bath.
  • Offering the grass to the cow or bull before lunch and offering Lunch to the Guesta is a must in this Vratha Vidhanam
  • Magha Masam is the Special Month in all 12 Months. So, Doing the Satyanarayana Swamy Vratham is the most important and good for the results.

Magha Purnima Pooja Vidhanam Samagri Items List:

Magha Purnima Pooja Vidhanam Samagri Items List Quantity
Turmeric (Pasupu) Some
Kumkum (Kumkuma) Some
Chandan (Gandham) Some
Campour (karpooram) Some
Sandal (Sree Chandanam) Some
Flowers (Vidi Poolu) Some
Coconut (Kobbari Kaayalu) Some
Banana (Arati Pandlu) Some
Beatel Leaves (tamala Pakulu) Some
Nuts (Vakkalu) Some
5 Types of Fruits (Konni Pandlu) Some
Coins (Chillara) Some
Rice (Biyyam) Some
Akshata (Akshanthalu) Some
Katuri (Kasthuri Tilakam) Some
Tulasi (Tulasi Aakulu) Some
Agarbathi (Sambrani Vathulu) Some
Lamps (Deepalu) Some
Lights (Deepa Stambhaalu) Some
Match Boxes (Aggi Pertta) Some
Kalash (Kalasam Chembu) Some
Rose Water (Shudda Neeru) Some
Normal Water (manchi neellu) Some
Glases (pancha Patra) Some
Spoons (Uddarina) Some
Plates (Tattalu) Some

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