Maha Navami Puja 2022 Date and Important Muhurtham Timings

See below for Maha Navami Puja 2022 Date and Important Muhurtham Timings, Dasara Navaratri Maha Navami Dates and Timings Here.

Maha Navami is a religious holiday that honors Maa Durga and her nine different forms, or “avatars.” In different parts of India, people worship the different forms of Durga. On this day, most people worship Durga in the form of Mahisasurmardini, which means “the one who killed the buffalo demon.” According to the legend, the Goddess killed Mahisasur on this happy day of Maha Navami. On Navami, people celebrate how good won over evil.

Why Maha Navami is Important:

Devotees worship Goddess Durga with all their hearts and pray for her to protect their family from all of life’s problems. People believe that Goddess Durga gives her followers the power to reach their goals and be successful. People also think that Maha Navami is a good day to start something new.

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Maha Navami Puja 2022 Date and Important Muhurtham Timings

On Navami or the ninth day of the Shukla paksha in the Indian month of Ashwina, Maha Navami is celebrated. People celebrate the last day of Sharad Navratri as Maha Navami of Durga Navami. The English calendar says that Maha Navami happens in September or October.

  • Maha Navami October 4, 2022
  • Navami Tithi Begins: Oct. 3, 2022, 4:37 p.m.
  • Navami Tithi Ends: October 4, 2022, at 2:20 p.m.

How Maha Navami is celebrated:

  • On this day, people worship Goddess Durga as the goddess of knowledge and wisdom, Saraswati.
  • Ayudha Puja is held in southern India, and along with the Goddess, tools, machines, musical instruments, books, and all kinds of equipment, including cars, are decorated and worshipped.
  • In many places in Southern India, children start going to school on this day.
  • Many places in North and East India do Kanya Pujan on this day. In this ritual, nine young girls who have never been married are worshipped as nine different kinds of Goddess Durga. Their feet are washed, and a paste made of kumkum and sandalwood is put on them. They are given new clothes to wear, and then mantras and incense sticks are used to honour them. The people who love and respect them cook them special meals and give them gifts as signs of their love and respect.
  • Maha Navami is the third day of Durga Puja in the eastern part of India. First, a holy bath is taken, and then Shodhasopachar puja is done. On this day, people worship Devi Durga as Mahishasuramardini, which means the Goddess who killed the buffalo demon Mahishasur. People think that the demon was finally killed on this day.
  • At the end of Navami puja, a special ritual called Navami hom is done.
  • People also believe that doing puja on this day is the same as doing puja on all nine days of Navratri.
  • In some places, an old tradition called Navami bali, which involves killing animals, is still done.
  • On Navami, the Batthukamma festival is held in some parts of the state of Andhra Pradesh. It was named after a beautiful flower. Hindu women do this puja. Seven layers of flowers are stacked in a cone shape and given to Goddess Gauri, which is another name for Durga.
  • There are also the Suvasini Puja and the Dampati Puja on this day.
  • On this day, the Royal sword is worshipped in Mysore and paraded through the streets on decorated elephants and camels.


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