Matsya Stotram in Telugu Lyrics

See below for Matsya Stotram in Telugu Lyrics. Lord Maha Vishnu Matsya Stotram, Powerful Stotram for Knowledge. By Chanting this stotram gives more positive vibes in Home.

Matsya is a powerful word derived from the Sanskrit Language. Matsya is one of the avatars of Lord Maha Vishnu. Matsya is a word that means fish. Lord Vishnu took the avatar of Fish to rescue the people and world from floods and other disasters. Manu, the first man, caught a little fish that grew to a Large size. When the flood approached, Manu saved himself by tying his boat to the horn on the fish’s head. An evil called Shankasura that came from a conch is sometimes depicted attacking fishes with a sword as Matsya combats or kills him. Both of them may be depicted in the ocean.

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According to Puranas, there used to be a demon named Hayagriva. He was the son of Kasyapa Mahamuni and his wife Danu. Kashyap gave humanity as a gift to the people. Not liking this, Hayagriva opposed his father’s decision. Because of this, Hayagriva ascended the throne as the king of the demons. He tried everything to stop the common people from becoming more powerful than the demons. He destroyed the Yajnyagadus. He made people suffer.

He thought of making the Danava caste the highest. For that, he made many attempts to disturb the humans. Moreover, knowing that Shri Mahavishnu had given the four Vedas to Brahma, he felt that they should not belong to human beings. He immediately stole the Vedas and hid in the sea. The supremely sacred Vedas are not only the protectors of Dharma but also the guides that lead all mankind forward. Therefore Vishnu took his first incarnation to keep them away from any kind of demons.

He takes the form of a fish and kills Hayagriva who is hidden in the ocean and regains the Vedas. The four Vedas are Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samaveda and Adarvanaveda. These are the holiest scriptures that tell the world the virtues.

Matsya Stotram in Telugu Lyrics

నూనం త్వం భగవాన్ సాక్షాద్ధరిర్నారాయణోఽవ్యయః |

అనుగ్రహాయభూతానాం ధత్సే రూపం జలౌకసామ్ || ౧ ||

నమస్తే పురుషశ్రేష్ఠ స్థిత్యుత్పత్యప్యయేశ్వర |

భక్తానాం నః ప్రపన్నానాం ముఖ్యో హ్యాత్మగతిర్విభో || ౨ ||

సర్వే లీలావతారాస్తే భూతానాం భూతిహేతవః |

జ్ఞాతుమిచ్ఛామ్యదో రూపం యదర్థం భవతా ధృతమ్ || ౩ ||

న తేఽరవిందాక్షపదోపసర్పణం

మృషా భావేత్సర్వ సుహృత్ప్రియాత్మనః |

యథేతరేషాం పృథగాత్మనాం సతాం

-మదీదృశో యద్వపురద్భుతం హి నః || ౪ ||

ఇతి శ్రీమద్భాగవతే చతుర్వింశతితమాధ్యాయే మత్స్యస్తోత్రమ్ ||

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