Puri Jagannath Temple Mystery

Know more details about Puri Jagannath Temple Mystery, Mysteries of Puri Jagannath Temple that defy scientific logic.

Puri Jagannath temple mystery:

For believers, the renowned Jagannath Temple in Puri is of utmost significance. It is one of India’s Char Dham pilgrimage sites and is well-known for its annual Rath Yatra, or chariot festival. According to several traditions, King Indradyumn erected this sacred shrine after receiving Lord Vishnu’s blessing and direction in his dreams to locate Nila Madhava.

The incomprehensible temple flag:

Strangely, the flag flying atop the temple constantly flies against the wind. Your scientific reasoning is interrupted by the flag drifting in the opposite way, and you start to suspect that there is a force at work that is stronger than science.

Sudarshan chakra on Top of The Puri Temple:

The chakra is actually 20 feet tall and has a tonne of weight. It is positioned above the temple. The remarkable thing about this chakra, though, is that you can see it from any part of Puri city. It is still a mystery as to how the chakras were placed and positioned because, no matter where you are, you can always sense that the chakra is facing you.

No birds or Airplanes pass over the Temple:

You’ll be shocked to learn that there aren’t any birds or airplanes flying over the temple. Such a feature is uncommon at any other Indian temple, in contrast. Actually, the area is a no-fly zone that a divine force, not any political authorities, decreed. There seems to be no explanation for this event either. It is still a mystery.

The Temple building:

The temple’s design prevents it from ever casting a shadow, regardless of the time of day. Whether it is a feat of engineering or a phenomenon that can only be explained by heavenly power is still a mystery.

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The Simhadwaram Mystery:

The primary entry to the Jagannath temple is through Singhadwaram, one of the temple’s four doorways. You can hear the sound of the waves as you enter through Sindhadwaram, but as you pass Singhadwaram, you can just turn and walk back in the same way to silence the sound of the waves. In actuality, while you are within the temple, you won’t hear any waves.

The ocean’s enigma:

You must have noticed that the wind from the sea blows toward the land during the day in any region of the world, while the wind from the land blows toward the sea during the night. The laws of geography are, however, also inverted in Puri. 

1800-year-old custom:

To change the flag, a priest must daily ascend to the top of the 45-story-tall temple. There have been 1800 years of this rite. If this rite is ever skipped, it is thought that the temple will be closed for the ensuing 18 years.

The prasadam puzzle:

In the Jagannath Temple, nothing goes to waste. According to reports, the shrine receives between 2,000 and 20,000 visitors every day. However, the prasadam prepared in the temple stays constant throughout the year. Nevertheless, no day goes by where there isn’t enough prasadam.

The method used to prepare prasadam:

This unique delicacy is actually prepared using pots and firewood. This is done by stacking seven pots on top of one another. It’s interesting to see that the uppermost pot’s contents cook first, then those in the bottom pots.

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