Melmaruvathur Adhiparasakthi Temple Amavasai Velvi Online Booking

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Melmaruvathur Temple is situated 92 km from Chennai, adjacent to Madhuranthak, on the national route that connects Chennai and Trichy. The railway station at Melmaruvathur is also located on the Villupuram to Chennai line. Because to the kindness of Bangaru Adigalar, the son of Melmaruvathur natives Gopalanayakar and Meenakshi Amma, this temple is well-known around the globe.

The home of Bangaru Adigalar’s father, Gopala Nayak, is where this shrine is situated. In this location, there was only one neem tree. Milk poured from this neem tree when Bangaru Adikalar was a little lad, and the youngster received it! Gopal Nayakkar, Bangaru Adigalar’s father, was once informed by the mother that she will look autonomous. You must go alone to my country, he commanded. Says Gopala Naykar.

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Melmaruvathur Adhiparasakthi Temple Amavasai Velvi Online Booking

  • On New Moon day Amavasai Velvi i.e pooja at melmaruvathur temple is done to the lord.
  • Pilgrims book tickets directly on the official website
  • Pilgrims can directly book tickets on the day when they arrive there but it can be an impossible cause of the demand
  • Pilgrims can book tickets 6 months before the amavasai velvi, the price details are shown on the website
  • Pilgrims can book tickets both online and directly at the counter at the temple

Mother initially manifested as cancer, and then she emerged as Swayambu in the territory that belonged to him. The Mother’s self emerged, the neem tree collapsed, and the bank was inundated with rain during the storm of 1966. Where the temple is now, there was simply a shack with a roof there until the end of 1970. Behind Swayambu now is an Adiparashakti idol that was dedicated in 1977.

The characteristic of that female Siddha is present-day Bangaru Adikala. Near the Ir Adiparasakthi temple, twenty-one Siddhas have reached Jivasamadhi. There are female Siddhas in it. It is interesting that the Mother Adiparashakti temple at Melmaruvathur was constructed in accordance with Agama principles. Here, Kumbabishekam was not conducted correctly. However, this shrine exudes charm and has a sizable following. The mantra “Om Shakti” is written on a pedestal in front of this temple.

Melmaruvathur Adhiparasakthi Temple Amavasai Velvi Online Booking And Temple History:

The Sulam is placed on this platform, held by the mother. The Artha Mandapam, the Maha mandapam, the four-legged mandapam with the tower, the eight-legged mandapam, and finally the sanctum sanctorum are all visible if you cross this platform and enter the temple.┬áThe lion chariot and the altar are in front of the mother. South of the inner sanctuary is the Puttu Mandapam, which is followed by the Mukha Mandapam and the Sabthakanni temple. The Atharvanabhadrakali temple is located on this temple’s opposite side.

The mother who casts out evil and witchcraft is Parashakti. In this temple, separate spaces have been made up for the dhyana mandapam, the wedding hall, etc. inside the temple. Behind Swayambu in the sanctum sanctorum is a picture of Mother Adiparashakti sitting in a kolam. The mother is seated on the lotus pedestal with her left leg resting on the outer petals of the lotus flower and her right leg folded. The mother sets the setting with two hands.

Melmaruvathur Adhiparasakthi Temple Timings:

Melmaruvathur Adhiparasakthi Temple Is the abode of Goddess Adhi Parashakthi Amman, Temple Opens at 03 AM Daily and Closes at 08 PM.

Only in locations where she manifests in human form does Mother Adiparashakti have two hands. In this instance, Mother Adiparashakti extends grace by holding a lotus blossom in her right hand and displaying the Chinmutra in her left. This lady is shown in a three-foot-tall statue. The attendant deities have been positioned around this sanctum sanctorum, where the mother is present, in a formless arrangement. An Adi Dravidian caste person from this area constructed the Saptakanniyar temple. Without using a plane, this Saptha Kanniya temple was constructed.

The neem trees that surround this shrine are revered as fortunate representations of Mother. In this area are Puttu Mandapam and Arulvaku Mandapam. This temple is unique in that women are allowed daily access to the sanctum sanctorum where they may touch the mother and conduct pooja, abhishekam, and decorating.

Melmaruvathur Adhiparasakthi Temple Amavasai Velvi Online Booking:

Women may do it even when they are three days away from home, which makes it special. Because “defilement is nature created by God,” this is the case. And anybody of any faith is welcome to visit this temple. Rituals are solely performed in Tamil at this temple. Because everyone is of the same blood, Adiparashakti devotees dress in crimson.

This temple has celebrations during Thaipusam, Adipuram, Navratri, Chitrapournami, and the Tamil New Year. Christmas, Easter, Mahavir Jayanti, Ramzan, and English New Year are also observed here on the grounds that all faiths are one. A peacock is kept in the Mother’s Thiruvadi, and a light is lit in front of it as an illustration of this. The great thing about this Melmaruvathur Adiparashakti is that it has established a weekly worship platform all over the globe where people may worship the Mother and do charitable deeds.

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