Mysore Palace Timings on Sunday

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Mysore Palace is one of the most beautiful attractions and a must-see place in India. Especially this place is suitable for both Devotional and Tourism trips. This palace has an epic history and many kings ruled this Place. Mysore is the old Capital of Karnataka State in India. Also, It was as like State in British India.

The Original Name of Mysore Palace is Amba Vilas Palace, But t is Popularly known as Mysore Maharaj Palace. The Royal Raja family origin is still in Mysore. The Palace is a very popular historical palace. Thousands of People visit daily to see the palace. It is located in Center of the Mysore City in Karnataka State. In Mysore, there are two main Palaces: Main Mysore King Palace and Mysore Queen Palance. Mysore is majorly known as the ‘City of Palaces’.

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Mysore Palace Timings on Sunday

General Timings to allow Visitors to Visit and See the Palace is 10 AM to 5 PM. 

Amba Vilas Palace is the main palace among the many palaces in the city of Mysore. Mysore is known as the “city of palaces”. “Mysore Palace” usually refers to the main palace, Amba Vilasa. It was the residence and Durbar School of the Wodeyar dynasty of the erstwhile Mysore kingdom. The construction of this palace started in 1897; Construction was completed in 1912. There was a wooden palace on the site of the present Mysore Palace. After the wooden palace caught fire and got burnt, they started building the present palace.


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