Panchalingeshwar Temple Accommodation Online Booking

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The Panchalingeswar Saiva Peetha may be found atop a hillside with five natural Lingas that have permanent streams flowing down them. Visitors who are interested in nature are drawn there because of its stunning natural beauty. Throughout the course of the year, a large number of pilgrims and vacationers from Odisha, West Bengal, and other states come to this location to have Darshan with the Lord and to take in the breathtaking scenery. See below to get the details about Panchalingeshwar Temple Accommodation Online Booking

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Panchalingeshwar Temple Accommodation Online Booking

  • The Panchalingeshwar temple is a place of worship frequented by pilgrims and may be found in the Balasore district of Odisha atop a hill.
  • It is thought to be more than 4,000 years old, making it one of the oldest temples in the city of Balasore.
  •  Since there are five Shiva lingams within the temple, it is also known as Panchalingeshwar, and the temple is devoted to the god Shiva.
  • According to a local legend, the Pandavas, when they were living in exile, took sanctuary in this temple.
  •  It is estimated that the building of the temple is around 200 years old.
  •  In addition, it is well-known that the temple had silver gates and silver doors, both of which were gifts from the King of Utkal, Kharavela.
  •  The main temple is located in an unspoiled natural setting and is encircled on all sides by fruit orchards and trees.
  •  In addition, the guests get the opportunity to examine the remains of a neighboring historic fort.

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Panchalingeshwar Temple Accommodation Online Booking

How we can get accommodation near Panchalingeshwar Temple?

In Panchalingeswar, one has the option of staying in one of the government-run lodgings, which are run by the Orissa Tourism Department Corporation. In addition, there are a few traditional hotels as well as exclusive resorts located in the area. There is a selection of quality hotels in the town of Balasore.

The Panthanivas in Panchalingeswar also serve as a place for guests to stay during their visit. Contact the Tourist Officer in Balasore, who is located at the police line. Reservations may be made via him.

Panchalingeshwar Temple Accommodation Online Booking

Where we can get food in Panchalingeshwar?

There is a wide selection of cuisine offered here, all of which is delightful and delicious in equal measure. Almost all of the restaurants provide dishes that are characteristic of Bengali, Oriya, Western, Chinese, and South Indian cuisines. There are a great number of restaurants placed in close proximity to Chandipur Beach and all surrounding it.

These restaurants provide some of the most delicious meals and various types of Indian cuisine. Fantasy Restaurant and Rainbow Restaurant are both well-known choices among those looking for a meal in the area of Chandipur Beach.

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