Panchalingeshwar Temple Opening Closing Timings Today

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Orissa’s Balasore district is home to the revered Panchalingeshwar Temple. In the Orissan town of Panchalingeswar, in the Nilagiri neighborhood of the Balasore district, you’ll find the Panchalingeshwar Temple perched on a hill in the Eastern Ghats. During the time when Lord Rama and his wife Sita were banished from their kingdom, legend has it that Sita installed Shivalingas in their homes. The Pachalingeswar Temple may be found in Western Ghat, Odisha, in close proximity to Nilagiri Hill. See below to get the details about Panchalingeshwar Temple Opening Closing Timings Today

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Panchalingeshwar Temple Opening Closing Timings Today

The name Panchalingeswar comes from the Sanskrit phrase “five linga of Siva.” The ‘Pancha’ threat consists of five, while the ‘Lingeswar’ menace consists of Lord Shiva.

The five Siva Lingas at the Panchalingeswar Temple are the most significant aspects of the temple. A tiny stream flows from the direction of Nilagiri Hill and gathers at the five Siva Lingas. The Lings are revered and considered to be present inside the stream.

During the monsoon season, the formerly modest waterfall expands, making it more challenging to find the Pancha Lingas formation, which is comprised of five separate rock pieces arranged in a certain way. In order to enter the sanctuary, a person must first go down on all fours on a flat stone that runs parallel to a stream and stretch out to the Lingas that live inside the water.

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Panchalingeshwar Temple Opening Closing Timings Today

Panchalingeshwar temple daily opens in the morning at 7.00 AM and closed in the evening at 8.00 PM

The Pachalingeswar temple may be found in the Western Ghat region of Odisha, close to the Nilagiri hill. The Shivalingas are traversed on a regular basis by a picturesque stream, which is the primary focal point of the surrounding landscape. When one reaches the peak, they are required to stoop down and seek the Lingas that are hidden inside a pool that was produced by the waterfall.

According to legend, there are five Lingas, which is where the name “Panchalingeshwar” comes from. The Panchalingeswar temple is a shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva and draws visitors from all over the world to the neighboring town of Panchalingeswar. It is necessary to get into a prone position on a rock in order to have a good feel for the lLngas and touch them.

As you make your way through the Nilagiri forest on your way to the temple, you will get the opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking view of several remote tribal communities and hamlets.

How many steps are there in Panchalingeswar?

There are 290 stairs leading up to the temple.

Panchalingeshwar Temple Opening Closing Timings Today

How To Reach Panchalingeshwar Temple?

By Air:

When traveling by plane, the closest airports are located in Bhubaneshwar, 294 kilometers away, and Kolkata, 206 kilometers away. Fly into Bhubaneswar’s airport, and then take a bus to Balasore from there.

By Train:

If you are traveling by train, the closest train station is at Balasore. It is possible to go to the Baleswar Railway Station, and from there, it is not difficult to get to the temple area.

By Road:

You may get a bus to Panchalingeswar from Balasore, Baripada, Chandipur, and other nearby cities. Transportation options such as taxis and private cars are also accessible from these places. Depending on traffic, the ride might take anywhere between 30 and 45 minutes.


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