Parakamani Seva TTD Tirumala Tickets Booking Application

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In the year 2000, the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD) initiated the volunteer program known as “Srivari Seva” to improve the quality of service provided to the pilgrims who travel from all over the world to have darshan of Sri Venkateswara Swamy.

More than five hundred different companies in Tirumala make use of Srivari Sevakulu, including the temple, the transportation, the kalyana katta (book stalls), and the gardens.

Parakamani Seva TTD Tirumala Tickets Booking Application

  • Since the Parakamani activity will be relocated to a new facility opposite the MTVAC (Annadanam Complex), Parakamani sevaks will only be able to get darshan via the Supadham/SED Hall on their final day of duty.
  • When performing or talking about their Seva, Parakamani Sevakulu should always act with the utmost honesty, integrity, secrecy, objectivity, and excellent manners.
  • When reporting for Seva, Parakamani Sevakulu is required to be polite, thoughtful, and on time. Parakamani Sevakulu is obligated to follow all TTD guidelines and regulations.
  • Parakamani Sevakulu is compelled to follow the On-duty supervisor’s and any other TTD authorities’ legitimate rules, instructions, policies, and suitable demands related to the Seva in question.
  • When carrying out their duties, members of the Parakamani Sevakulu shall not discriminate against anybody on the basis of their caste, class, age, or any other criterion that has nothing to do with the quality of their work.
  • If a Parakamani Sevakulu has general concerns about how certain rules and laws apply to their seva, they should ask the on-duty supervisors.

Parakamani Seva TTD Tirumala Tickets Booking Application inDetail:

  • The Parakamani Sevakulu will be responsible for the care and safekeeping of any TTD property or funds given to them in the course of their seva. Parakamani Sevakulu is not permitted to harass, quarrel with, or physically confront fellow Sevakulu, TTD Employees, or Pilgrim Witnesses.
  • The administrators of TTD temples do not employ any permanent workers. Not only is the¬†physical effort required, but volunteers are also needed to help count up the contributions.
  • The priests and laypeople of the temple are now responsible for tallying the Lord’s treasures. To shoulder this burden, Pilgrims in both the public and private financial sectors of the nation came up. Government and state personnel are permitted to count currency.
  • The proper timing, etiquette, and ritual for doing Parakamani Seva are discussed here. While residing in TTD-provided lodging at Tirumala, Parakamani Sevakulu is forbidden to gamble or engage in any activity involving the playing of cards.
  • Any Parakamani Sevakulu who is found to violate the aforementioned act would be prosecuted by the law. At the time of reporting for Parakamani seva, only white Dothi, the traditional attire of the Parakamani Sevakulu, should be worn.
  • While reporting for Parakamani Seva, Sevakulus are not allowed to bring or show off any valuables, including but not limited to, mobile phones, money, gold, silver, other precious/semiprecious stones, watches, rings, bracelets, etc. They will be subject to confiscation by TTD laws if any prohibited items are discovered in their possession during the Parakamani Seva.

Qualifications for Tirumala’s Parakamani seva:

  • People who work for the federal government, a state government, a quasi-government agency, a public-service enterprise, the insurance industry, or a financial institution, either now or in retirement.
  • Worshipers from Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Kerala may sign up for this Seva.
  • Only healthy, mentally stable males who have a strong devotion to the cause are welcome.
  • Candidates should be between the ages of 35 and 60.
  • You must be a Hindu to enter.
  • Both the Pancha and the Banian must be white.
  • Due to security concerns, devotees who participate in the Ayyappa Mala, the Govinda Mala, or any other deekshas that need daily frisking are not permitted to take part.

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