Balipadyami Balindra Pooja Vidhana in Kannada

See below for Balipadyami Balindra Pooja Vidhana in Kannada, Deepavali Festival Pooja, and Deepavali Balipadyami Pooja Vidhi in Kannada.

What is Balipadyami festival:

Bali Padyami is the day when Lord Vishnu gives King Bali the power to rule the world. Bali Padyami 2022 date is October 26. In the traditional calendars of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Telangana, and Andhra Pradesh, it is celebrated on the first day of the Kartik Masa. On this day, people remember King Bali and pray for prosperity like it was when he was in charge. The giving and receiving of gifts is a big part of this holiday.

The day of Bali Padyami is a good time to give gifts. People often believe that whatever they give away on this day will come back to them many times over thanks to Lord Vishnu’s blessings.

Balipadyami Story:

Legend says that King Bali was very popular because he was a good leader. With the help of his Guru Shukracharya, he got to the point where he was almost unbeatable. Because of this, Bali soon took over heaven from Indra. And Balindra got the prestigious title of Chakravarthi, which means “emperor.” Bali chose to do Ashvamedha Yajna to show how powerful he was.

Indra asked Lord Vishnu for help to get back his heaven, which he had lost.

As the dwarf Vamana, Lord Vishnu went to the Yajna. Vamana asked King Bali for three steps of land, which he gave him right away. Soon, the short Vamana grew so big that it couldn’t be described with words.

When Vamana took his first step, he walked over the whole Earth. His second step went across the whole sky. The third step had nowhere to go, so King Bali gave up his head. Vamana sent Bali to the Underworld, also known as Patala Loka. Vamana made King Bali the emperor of the underworld because he was a well-liked and good leader. He was also given the blessing that for one day, the Bali Padyami day, he could rule the whole universe.

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Balipadyami Balindra Pooja Vidhana in Kannada

  1. On this day, devotees take an early morning bath with an oil massage (abhyangasnan).
  2. Then draw the figure of Balichakravarthi as a rangoli or Gomaya.
  3. Then we should pray for Bali to come. We need to serve curds to Bali.
  4. Then do pooja for Balichakravarthi.

Say this mantra over and over during pooja:

  • Baliraaja namastubhyam virochanasuta prabho: | Bhavishyemdra suraaraate pujoyam pratigruhyataam ||
  • Baliraaja namastubhyam daityadaanavavamdita: | Indrashatro amaraavate vishnusaannidhyado bhava ||


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